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Apple iClone X [My Hero Academia 230]

I love Twice. And, I love Twice. And, don’t forget Twice. I also love Twice. Oh, and Twice. Can’t forget Twice. Not to mention, my dude, Twice.

Alright. Which one of you forgot to turn off the A/C?

Yes! Thank you, Horikoshi for referencing the Yakuza bullets. I knew they’d be important, but who knew it would happen after the League of Villains recruits Gigantomachia and Doctor Ujiko? I sure didn’t. Whatever Shigaraki ultimately does with them will be game-changing.

Enough about that, let’s talk Twice. With his fear of cloning himself gone, it’s open season on the Meta Liberation Army. Twice alone should be enough to take the entire town out now. And, I’m only talking if all the clones are Twice copies. If the Twices cloned Dabi and Mr. Compress like they wanted I’d be an instant game over for Team Redestro.

Allergy season is murder on Skeptic’s eyes.

At this point, the League’s won against the MLA. The questions now are whether they can save Toga and if the League can tame Gigantomachia. Ujiko woke him up early and is one teleport from Johnny away from bringing the pain. Oh, right, Giran. Can’t forget about my boy. I hope he survives. Once Redestro realizes his plan is beyond saving, Giran will be useless to him as a hostage. Uh-oh!

Here’s another question: Will Dabi defeat Geten/Apocrypha or will Gigantomachia? I’d say Dabi will do it. This is his fight, after all. It would suck if Giganto finished our favorite Ice Climber. Dabi’s problem with his quirk isn’t it being weak, it’s the opposite. His quirk is way too powerful. Or, at least, his body can’t handle the intensity of his flames. So, either it’s the flames fault or Dabi’s incompatible body. Perhaps, a body like his rumored ice mom, Rei. One more drop in the bucket for Dabi is Touya theorists.

*sniff sniff* Well, that explains why everyone else in the LoV is in the mood for bacon after a big fight.

I’m guessing Dabi will use Geten’s ice to cool his body long enough for him to go all out. Even if he does that, it won’t solve the long term issue. That’s where Giran and/or Ujiko comes in. Dabi needs cooling support gear and one or both of them should provide it, as long as Dabi swallows his pride and ask.

Great chapter, Y’all! We’re reaching the climax and it looks like by the end, the League will indeed become more powerful than ever. But, so will the Meta Liberation Army if my theory Redestro escapes with the battle data is true. Too bad Mr. Compress and Spinner will get the short end of the stick. I don’t think they’re getting a power up this arc. Oh well, maybe they can rob a clothing store and score some new duds as a consolation. Hey, who wouldn’t want to see Mr. Compress rocking a t-shirt and yoga pants? You can’t hide dat ass forever, Mr. Compress!

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