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What’s Up with Mr. Compress? [My Hero Academia]

What? No cufflinks? What a slob!

Atsuhiro Sako AKA Mr. Compress, member of the League of Villains and snazzy dresser. He’s helpful. He’s powerful. But, why is he a villain? Well, it looks like we won’t learn Mr. Compress’ true motivations anytime soon in the manga, but why let that stop us? Let’s take what we know about our favorite marble master and come up with some theories on why exactly Mr. Compress is a villain.

First things first, it was never stated Mr. Compress admired the hero killer, Stain. So, we can assume he joined the League under different circumstances. Next, Mr. Compress is a showman. He loves showing off and seems to be at home performing for an audience. Another clue could be him wearing a mask. Sure, the police know his identity now, but either he was trying to keep it a secret in the beginning or the mask is part of his act. You know, I’d say it’s a little of both. The mask is part of his act and he also wanted to keep his true identity a secret. If true, that means Mr. Compress was a well-known figure, either on a national or local level.

We also know Mr. Compress is well versed in using his quirk. He knows its limits and when best to use it to catch people off-guard. And, while we don’t know his official age, Mr. Compress carries himself and talks to the younger Leaguers like he’s a seasoned professional. Based on that, I’d say he’s over 30 years old.

Not the first time Mr. Compress went hunting for guys in the woods and ended up with balls in his mouth.

Alright, based off everything I said and what I’ve seen of Mr. Compress throughout the series, I’ve come up with some theories. Let’s go through them one step at a time.

  1. Mr. Compress was a professional entertainer.

This is an easy one. Most people can guess that based on his attitude and general showmanship. A magician? A clown> Whatever he did before seeking out the League of Villains, I’m positive it had to do with him performing onstage.

2. Mr. Compress used his quirk while performing. 

Mr. Compress seems like a guy comfortable using his quirk to showoff. No doubt he uses it while onstage at his previous job. But, there’s a problem. Are entertainers in the My Hero Academia universe allowed to use their quirks? We still don’t know if only heroes are able to do so. Could it be Mr. Compress wasn’t allowed to use his quirk and got busted? And, if he did and couldn’t work in his profession anymore, I can see him hating society for enforcing such laws and turning to those who “work” using their quirks feely.

3. Mr. Compress was fired for injuring or killing someone onstage.

Okay, so what if quirks are legal in certain professions other than the hero business, but Mr. Compress botched a performance? Maybe it was his fault, maybe he was sabotaged, or maybe it was simply bad luck, but someone got hurt and it cost Mr. Compress his livelihood. Again, with him no longer being able to do what he loves and desperate, he turns to the League to again allow him to perform for an audience. Even if that audience is citizens in terror and heroes trying to arrest him.

No, Mr. Compress. He said, “Give Me Snacks”. Deku hasn’t eaten since this morning.

And, there we have it. Mr. Compress, in my humble opinion, was a performance-loving entertainer who was fired after someone discovered he was using his quirk or accidentally got someone injured or killed during one of his gigs. He either ran away to escape prosecution or had nowhere else to go after ruining his reputation but to join the League of Villains, a place where he can make the world his stage without any consequences.

I look forward to the manga proving me right or wrong since that means we’ll see Mr. Compress’ backstory.

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