Manga My Hero Vigilantes

My Quirk is a Gun [My Hero Vigilantes 55]

Forget Nebraska Smash. Knuckleduster’s about to St. Louis Snipe Smash No. 6.

Let’s zoom in on the dead body. It’s okay kids, they deserved to die.

Welcome to the Sky Egg aftermath. Last chapter, All Might saved the day, so now it’s time to relax and see our main cast and heroes wind down and put a bow on this terrible event. After checking in with everyone, we see Reverse Flash or, should I say, No. 6, is indeed not giving up. He wants people blown to bits and he wants it now. You know you gotta be crazy when after watching a guy save a tower full of people, you still want to start trouble instead of, oh, I don’t know, getting the hell outta there!

Want to terrorize the populous with biological weapons? We’ve got an app for that!

No 6 goes full Power Rangers and makes his monster grow then splits them into smaller bat monsters. Somewhere, Gecko Moria is on the phone with his lawyer. No. 6 estimates at least half the 200 exploding bats will find a target but All Might’s there and All Might does what All Might does best, save people. We get our first look at a never before seen super move, the Nebraska Smash, where All Might creates a tornado with his arm. Wowsers!

Finally, No. 6 has enough of All Might’s insane power level and after talking with…someone, decides to get outta Dodge. But, what’s this? Someone watching No. 6 from atop another building. Someone with a freaking sniper rifle. Yes, it’s our boy Knuckleduster and he’s ready to pop a bullet in No. 6’s ass.

All Might name drops Nebraska. Finally, after over 150 years, it has a reason to exist.

Great chapter. Everything went as I expected with some added surprises. I didn’t expect to see a new move from All Might or Knuckleduster graduating from the Snipe School of Criminal Justice. Captain Celebrity’s death flags are burned and buried and I’m looking forward to him becoming America’s #1 hero if my theory holds true.

So, who was that person talking to No. 6 on the phone? Gotta go with the obvious answer and guess it was Doctor Ujiko. The Villain Factory has to be his project, after all. And, I can see someone who has a stolen quirk answering only to the bad Doctor. Next chapter should be fun.


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