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What the Heck is Oshiruko Anyway? [One Piece 945]

Hm? According to Mr. Wiki (and you can always trust that *couchcough*), Oshiruko is basically, azuki beans, sugar, and mochi. Sounds extremely unhealthy. I wanna try it!

945beat it queen01

Zoro is still having trouble against Kyoshiro. Geez, how tough is that guy? Thank goodness Kyoshiro is probably working against Orochi or Zoro might have to fight a really strong swordsman in Wano again. And, who wants that, right? Come on, Oda, give Zoro another sword battle.

Hawkins is proving to be the smartest member of the Animal Kingdom/Beast Pirates, hiding Bepo out of sight and doing his Big Bad Voodoo Daddy dolls curse thingy on Law’s crew. Bravo, Hawkins! He also told the Oniwabanshu about the Straw Hat crew, good job! Wait, wasn’t my theory that Hawkins was secretly working against Kaido? Well, guess what? I still think that, Y’all! In fact, I’ll go so far to say all three big villains fighting the Straw Hat Alliance in the Flower Capital are secretly working against Kaido. Yep, I’m talking Kyoshiro, Hawkins, and X Drake. I’m betting those three have their own alliance for whatever reasons. It’s a bit of a long shot for Drake, but there’s a reason why he and Hawkins are part of the Worst Generation. And, it’s not because they work for Kaido.

He may not be stronger, but Queen’s a better dancer than Big Mom.

Ashura got something to show Kin’emon and Dogstorm. What could it be? A message from Oden’s wife? The grave of that kid that was part of Kin’emon and the rest’s group that got caught by Lord Yasuie that I couldn’t identify? A secret he learned about Lord Oden? Whatever it is, it might kick off the Wano flashback.

At the Labor Camp in Udon, Big Mom busts down the door looking for oshiruko. Queen, not knowing there’s none left, goes into beast mode. And, for the first time, we see him in his brachiosaurus form. I’m surprised, but at the same time not. I figured he’d have a dinosaur fruit, but I wasn’t sure it’d be a brachiosaurus. Mega points for the art on that page. Queen looks tough as nails in his beast debut page. Too bad all that style goes out the window once Big Mom knocks his head into the ground. Wowsers!

Yeah, and all your attacks are just sword swings. It’s called creative license, Zoro.

So, we got Jack and now Queen who gets hurt from an overwhelming opponent (Zunisha and Big Mom, respectively). Where’s Oda going with this? Is it to show the power of high tier zoan fruits? That they have the ability to take massive damage and keep fighting? I believe so. Look at Kaido VS Luffy. Luffy used all his best attacks and Kaido shrugged it off and took him down. That’s the ferocity of zoan fruits, not only their strength is absurd, but they have insanely high defense. Maybe that’s the reason we don’t have that many big-time brawlers on the baddie side, they aren’t needed.

Good chapter, overall. Cool seeing Zoro and Sanji interacting again and Law having a tough fight ahead of him. Now sure where we’re going with Big Mom, but once we learn the prison’s out of Oshiruko, all hell will break loose. Or, is it break in because the only one who will be able to stop her is Kaido paying the camp a visit? Hey, Kid? If you’re not too busy drowning, give Luffy a hand. He’s gonna need it.

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