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Spinner’s Zoan Fruit [My Hero Academia 231]

Hanabata VS Spinner. Wasn’t expecting that. Maybe next time, Mr. Compress.

What have you done?! Now, every Hawks cosplayer has to do that awful pose. It’s murder on your knees.

While I assume Mr. Compress marbles Toga and keeps watch over the injured OG Twice, it’s up to Spinner to take down Hanabata. Or, should I say Team Hanabata because it looks like his quirk boosts, energizes, or just plain hypes people up so they’re more powerful. How will Spinner deal with that? Well, using his quirk, of course.

Let’s talk about what Spinner’s quirk could be. I heard a theory somewhere online that Spinner has a transformation quirk, making him bigger and stronger and more lizard-like. I like that theory because it explains why Spinner never used it. Now, that we know Spinner was harassed in his hometown for being a mutant, it stands to reason he has issues concerning the way he looks. Sure, the League would accept him no matter what, but Spinner won’t accept himself. So, he doesn’t use his lizard quirk and instead fights with a sword.

From the way everyone’s dressed, did the town drop what they were doing and start fighting? Does that mean anyone who was working gets paid time off? And, where are the kids and the folks unable to fight? And, the tourists? And, the non MLA locals? Damn you logic. Get outta my head!

Speaking of swords, Spinner’s cosplaying could be seen as both a way to admire Stain and hide from himself by pretending to be someone else. I’m talking more in an emulating sense. He hates himself so he pretends to be someone else.

And, finally, the last reason why I think Spinner has a body transformation quirk: it fits with how the other League members have improved their quirks. Toga, Twice, Shigaraki, they all confronted their past psychological trauma to push past their limits and Spinner will do the same. I can see Hanabata trying to lure Spinner to the Meta Liberation Army’s side or castrating him for not using his quirk resulting in Spinner having to either use it or let himself and Shigaraki die. Spinner will realize the League doesn’t care about his looks and neither should he and protect the leader of the group that accepts him. Oh, yeah! Back when the League stole Overhaul’s bullets, Spinner got upset after Dabi called him a “lizard”, another clue he’s sensitive about his appearance!

Alright, let’s shift gears over to the tower. Here’s a question: where the hell is Skeptic? I doubt Twice off-screened him so what’s the big deal? My guess is he’s making a crap ton of fake humans to use as soldiers, has some kind of weapon he’s prepping, or both. Skeptic was pissed last we saw him. He’s not out the game yet.

Someone’s about to get the world’s worst kancho.

Could we be seeing Redestro’s quirk this arc? Maybe. There’s still a lot of other stuff going on, what with Dabi and Spinner’s fight and Gigantomachia on his way. I can see us readers getting a hint of what he can do but saving the true reveal for another arc. That’s all assuming Redestro doesn’t use his quirk on Giran and kill him. Oh, boy, I hope I didn’t jinx it!

Lastly, let’s talk Hawks. Did he kill Best Jeanist? No. Recovering or not, the number three hero wouldn’t go down without a fight. No way is Hawks walking away from a battle against him without taking damage and I didn’t see so much of a hair out of place from our favorite double agent, even if the fight took place days ago. I’d say Hawks told Best Jeanist he’s a double agent and is going along with things, helping Hawks on his mission.

Good chapter. Fights going on all over the place and we may see Spinner’s flashback very soon. I’m all for more Spinner any chance I get. Now, if only Mr. Compress can have some focus, this arc will be perfect. Oh, who am I kidding? That’s not happening any time soon. Now, an arc centered around Koji, that’s a sealed deal.

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