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The Incredible Re-Destro [My Hero Academia 232]

Finally! We have some idea what Re-Destro’s quirk can do. And, boy, it’s a whopper of a power.

Whether its the Meta Liberation Army or Mario Kart, the League plays for keeps.

While we don’t get the name of Re-Destro’s quirk, let’s review what he did and make a hypothesis, shall we? In the chapter we saw Re-Destro move incredibly fast, take out a Twice clone with one finger, destroy a group of League clones with one hit from an enlarged arm, fight Clone Shigaraki with said mega arm, and survive a fall from a disintegrating tower. Phew! That’s a lot!

Now, what does everything Re-Destro’s done this chapter have in common? Answer: All his attacking limbs were covered by his birthmark. Re-Destro’s birthmark is the key to his powers, a given, yes. But, what does it exactly do? I’d say it manipulates his body on a molecular level. Anything Re-Destro wants his body to do he can do it as long as the birthmark is covering that body part. Strength? Yes. Enlargement? Yep. Speed? Sure. Elasticity? Uh-huh. Defense? Of course. Re-Destro can make his body do whatever he wants, making the Detnerat CEO an easy contender for top 10 quirks seen in the series so far. Top 5 even, depending on what his weakness is.

So, how is Shigaraki gonna beat that? Well, fortunately, the real Shiggy has an idea of what Detnerat can do, so that helps. Other than that, I got no clue. Now, would be a good time for Twice to whip up some more Shigaraki clones after he pulls Giran out the rubble, assuming there’s any Tower Twice Clones left.

Calling it now, next chapter he’s stabbing Shigaraki with his nose.

Maybe, the other League members can help? Nah, they’re busy with their own fights. Dabi’s still fighting Geten, so that’s a big no. Mr. Compress should be making his way to Toga and Real Twice (with an angry Skeptic looking to take care of Real Twice no doubt).  And, then we have Spinner VS Hanabata. Thinking about it, how did Shigaraki get to the tower? It was heavily guarded, after all. I think we all know the lizardy answer to that. I’m expecting next episode we’ll at least see the start of that battle. And, it’s gonna be a doozy because Spinner had to have used his quirk. No way his sword skills are good enough to take out a gang of power boosted opponents. Not to steal Dabi’s thing, but Spinner’s gonna have to fight fire with fire. Or, in this case, power booster with power booster. Spinner’s super lizard form is all but confirmed Y’all!

I liked learning Re-Destro and the OG Destro’s motivation for their fight for quirk rights. Turns out Destro’s mom is a well-known figure for quirk rights, although, it looks like the part about her being Destro’s mom is stricken from school textbooks.  It is interesting how the Destros see quirk restriction laws as suppressing quirk users. Like I’ve mentioned in previous chapter reviews, it seems like the Destros are all or nothing when it comes to using quirks. Doesn’t matter what they do, the damage they could cause, or the inconveniences they may produce being used in public,  they believe if you have a quirk you should use it. And, the ones with the strongest quirks, according to Geten, should be running the show. Yeah, we’re not just talking unrestricted quirk chaos. The Meta Liberation Army wants to restructure society itself! No wonder they didn’t try doing so by lobbying. Yikes!

Those yoga classes are finally paying off.

Great chapter. We got to see Re-Destro’s quirk in action, learned his motivation, and all the remaining major fights are set and ready to go. We should be past this arc’s halfway point now. If things keep going the way it is, this will be my favorite My Hero Academia arc, hands down. You get it? Hands down, ah, AHH!

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