Manga One Piece

A Mesozoic Butt Whoppin’ [One Piece 946]

I haven’t seen an old lady beat a guy down this bad since Grandma Redgreek found out my uncle ate all her Pop-Tarts.

We now have irrefutable evidence of how the dinosaurs went extinct.

Here it is, Y’all. The fight of the century. Big Mom VS Quee— And, it’s over. That didn’t last long. But, good news to all you Queen fans out there. At least the guy wasn’t knocked out.

Kawamatsu’s cage is broken, so he may already be out if he freed himself from those chains. If not, Raizo and Crazy Eyes Caribou are on the job. Interesting how Wano den den mushi work, the drawback to having such small snails is the need for a boss snail to get messages out over a large area. Looks like Kaidou won’t be learning of Big Mom’s arrival for a bit longer.

Captain Kid and Killer aren’t dead. …Okay. Thanks for telling us, chapter.

Even Big Mom isn’t immune to spending too much time on Instagram.

Now, let’s get to the meat of the chapter, setting up Big Mom VS Luffy. I always found it weird Luffy didn’t physically beat Big Mom back during the Whole Cake Island arc. What could possibly be the reason to delay his their fight, especially with Kaido lurking on the horizon? Turns out Oda was saving her for this moment. It was never about Luffy simply defeating Big Mom, he has to learn and grow from fighting her, using it as training against Kaido. Well played, Oda.

We don’t know much about haki’s forcefield power. We’ve only seen it a few times in the series. Off the top of my head, the three admirals used it against Whitebeard’s attack during the Marineford War and, most importantly, Rayleigh used it to break Camie’s collar back at Sabaody Archipelago. The power seems to repel forces, both mechanical and of a devil fruit nature. How will this help Luffy against Kaido? Well, he could block Kaido’s attacks or use the forcefield offensively to hurt Kaido. Maybe a forcefield punch to the face? However it’s utilized, it will be crucial in order to beat Kaido.

What people think all anime fans look like.

Great chapter. Luffy’s all set to learn a new technique and at the same time, earn the respect of all the prisoners so they’ll join the Resistance. Yep, Wano Part 2 is ending with a bang. I give it ten more chapters at most. And, if I’m wrong, may Big Mom strike me down where I’m sitting…and eating my grandma’s Pop-Tarts. Mahahaha!

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