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Good Doggy! Now, Play Dead! [My Hero Academia 235]

All For One is the pettiest mofo since my jerk 6th Grade teacher gave me a 50-page book report assignment simply because I told him his wife left him because he smelled like peanut butter.

Shigaraki can now destroy energy attacks! Eat your veggies kids and you too can be a superpowered badass.

Welcome Shigaraki’s backstory! While I guessed correctly, along with half the internet, young Tenko wanted to be a hero, I wasn’t expecting to see All For One so early in the flashback. Looks like he and Tenko met prior to the alley after his family died. So what happened? What did All For One do? Honestly, I don’t know. Considering Tenko has been itchy for a while now, I doubt All For One implanted the quirk at that time. Now, it’s possible if that wasn’t the first time the two met All For One could’ve switched out Tenko’s original quirk for Decay, but we’ll have to wait and see. It could be just as likely All For One befriended the boy to lead him down a dark path slowly over the years, with or without his family. The guy’s immortal, he’s got the time.

Kotaro’s an asshole. Again, as predicted, thanks to Nana’s actions, he has a mad hate-on for heroes. So much so, you can’t even mention them in the house! Tenko’s mom, sister, and maternal grandparents feel sorry for him, but no one truly sticks up for Tenko when the crap hits the fan. They just console him and move on. As we learn, that itself is a problem. They console but even then don’t go against Kotaro’s wishes and tell Tenko, yes, you can be a hero. That is what he needed most of all.

Later, Tenko gets busted for looking at Nana’s picture hidden in Kotaro’s study, and Hana throws him under the bus saying it was his idea. Traitor! I can’t blame her too much, their father is such a rageaholic when comes to heroes, she would’ve gotten five across the eyes too.

Oh, what a nice man bringing Tenko hom— Wait a minute! You can’t fool me. I know it’s you Jake Gyllenhaal!

We get confirmation Tenko had black hair before his quirk fully manifested. Looks like mutant quirks indeed turn a person’s hair while and (probably) their eyes red. An interesting bit of info there.

We end the chapter with Tenko—wearing the same clothes when All For One finds him in the ally post family massacre—at peak stress level and that’s when Decay first activates. I’ve very interested in how things go down from here. Obviously, Mon the dog is Tenko’s first victim, but how in the world will he decay the rest of the family yet leave their hands? I’ve said it before but I’m sure AFO plays a big role in what happens next, either he takes out some or all the Shimuras or Tenko dusts them all completely but AFO makes fake hands to fester Tenko’s negative emotions. I’m also willing to bet AFO had Tenko’s friends (either directly or through their parents) on his payroll and even a possible hero if one didn’t help Tenko. If there’s anything I can take from this chapter is AFO knew Kotaro’s hated of heroes and Tenko’s desire to be one and choose to warp it into something sinister. What an ass!

When I blog about Star vs. the Forces of Evil deserving one more season, you better damn well pay attention!

Lastly, I want to talk about Nana Shimura. But, first, I think it’s safe to say Kotaro never knew One For All’s secrets, including its connection to All For One. Young Kotaro probably never knew how powerful a guy his mom was trying to stop or how evil he truly was. I’m willing to bet he doesn’t even know the truth surrounding his dad’s death. Nana probably wanted to shield her son from all of it but realized she couldn’t anymore. From her letter to Kotaro, Nana knew she was on borrowed time and that her son would die if she didn’t send him away because she couldn’t protect him anymore. Why? Because she’d already passed One For All to Toshinori! Yep, that’s my theory. With OFA passed to the future All Might, Nana knew she stood no chance against OFA and sent her son away. She tried, Y’all! Nana did her best, dammit!

Mr. Shimura. I don’t feel so good.

A fantastic chapter! We learned so much about the Shimuras and how deep AFO was willing to go to corrupt Nana’s legacy. And, that’s only part 1! Next chapter should finish things up. Will we get all the answers? I doubt it. I think Horikoshi will save a few details for AFO to reveal himself later, but we’ll get enough from Shigaraki’s perspective at least. Either way, I’m getting my throat ready to curse AFO to the moon and back again. Nah, make that to Mars, and he can stay there.

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