Manga My Hero Vigilantes

The Right to Bare Arms [My Hero Vigilantes 57]

Did I once say Knuckleduster was equivalent to the Marvel’s Daredevil? Because I take it all back. He’s the freaking Punisher!

Ragdoll loses her quirk, becomes Pussycats assistant. Knuckleduster loses his quirk, buys a shotgun.

This chapter picks up right where the last left off with Knuckleduster blowing up the building. His plan works, No. 6 can’t run in midair and is at his “mercy”. To make sure things stay that way, Knuckleduster pulls out a shotgun and unloads into the guy’s limbs!

And, if that’s not enough, Knuckleduster then starts kicking and smashing his face with the shotgun handle. You know, it’s just a theory, but I think Knuckleduster’s a teenie bit upset this guy has his quirk. Well, after getting the ass whoppin’ of the century, No. 6 just brushes it off. Turns out, he’s got some kind of healing ability. Either he was literally built like that or he’s got more than one quirk. I’m sure an artificial human could handle more than one. Hell, that’s probably why No. 6 was created in the first place.

I now pronounce you face & foot. You may now kiss the boot.

Well, Knuckleduster won’t let a little thing like a healing factor wreak his plan and tries tying No. 6 up for questioning. In classic shonen fashion, fights are never straight forward and it’s revealed No. 6 has bomb creature cells in both his arms. So, not only can No. 6 blow things up with a punch, his healing factor along with using the stolen Overclock quirk to regenerate his arms means he’s even more overpowered than ever!

We end the chapter with the police about to investigate all the commotion from the fight and a completely demolished building where Knuckleduster and No. 6 were fighting.

Guess No. 6 is full of bomb cells and Zoloft.

What a great chapter! This had got to be the most awesome (and violent) fight in the series to date. I can’t wait to see if Knuckleduster survives. And, even if he does, where does he go from here? He’s had his shot, he may not get another. Well, at least he’ll probably be spending more time in the hospital with his daughter, as roommates. Yay?

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