Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Season Two Finale [My Hero Vigilantes 58]

Welp, goodbye Captain Celebrity and…Makoto?

Never change, Pamela.

That’s right, Captain Celebrity has gone back to America and Makoto’s joining him, staying as his manager while going to school in freaking Avengers Tower. No, I’m not joking.

Guess I should back things up a little. In Captain Celebrity’s hospital room, the main cast (minus Knuckleduster) is hanging out and talking about the Sky Egg incident. Koichi, being a vigilante, won’t be getting any official thanks for his part in helping to stop the attack which is fine by Koichi. He got his All Might hoodie signed, after all!

Things take an interesting turn when we find out Aizawa has told Detective Tsuguchi about Koichi. Now, at first, I was bothered, thinking how could Aizawa throw Koichi under the bus like that. But, I’m starting to realize it was for the best. Koichi’s notoriety will only grow after this and he needs someone in the police looking out for him. And with Makoto gone, it’s up to her brother to watch Koichi’s back. This would be troubling if not for Tsuguchi being grateful for Koichi’s help in the Sky Egg incident, especially since it means he helped save his sister. Still, it’s gonna be interesting when the two actually meet.

The only problem with going to that college is the occasional sky portal opening.

C.C.’s wife, Pamela, shows up at the hospital and thanks Koichi for helping her hubby. Good for you, Koichi! While rarely thanked for his deeds, its good to know some people are willing to give The Crawler the credit he deserves. Too bad the heroes can’t mention him in statements about the Sky Egg incident. That would put way too much attention on Koichi and force the police to stop his vigilante ways.

We end the chapter with Detective Tanuma investigating the destroyed building where Knuckleduster and No. 6 fought it out. There’s no trace of either except for blood from their injuries. Naturally, the two are still alive, but while No. 6’s modified body will have him back in action in no time, our dear Knuckleduster might be taking a break to heal his injuries. We don’t even know how bad they are. In any case, he’ll be out of commission for some time.

Um, maybe you shouldn’t be blasting off your eyebeam in an airport, Samazu.

What a great wrap-up to this arc. Seeing Captain Celebrity’s growth from dickhead to an actual good guy, Koichi mastering his quirk a bit more, and him helping out C.C. was a treat. I’m looking forward to Detective Tsuguchi interacting with Koichi as well and No. 6 confronting Koichi at some point. I should also mention Koichi ends the chapter heavily hinting at something big going down in the future. Could he mean his fight against No. 6 or maybe the Villain Factory in general? Well, we’ll eventually find out if The Crawler is up to challenge. If not, well, its gonna be a short next arc.

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