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Where’s my Vigilantes Databook?! [My Hero Vigilantes 60]

Seriously, I wanna know Aizawa’s classmates and teachers’ real names, hero names, and quirks ASAP!

Fine. I’ll name them myself. Hello, Hairball, White Mage, Meow Master, and McNasty3224.

Aizawa, Shirakumo, and Yamada hanging out. That’s pretty much the entire chapter. Okay, not exactly. The three U.A. students are 2nd Years so it’s important they find a hero agency to study under and get experience. But, just randomly picking a Hero to learn from won’t necessarily cut it. What the chapter emphasized was the three types of Heroes most fall into: Battle, Rescue, and Entertainer. A student has to put serious thought into which type of Hero they want to become and pick a hero agency related to that choice. You know, like when Froppy picked a water hero and Uraraka picked a battle hero to gain fighting experience. Speaking of the main series, we haven’t seen Class 1-A do entertainer lessons yet. Could that be the next arc? Hm… Huh? Oops! I’m supposed to be talking about My Hero Vigilantes. Sorry.

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Kap Man & Grave Robbin’ [One Piece 953]

A Kawamatsu chapter? Eh, why not?

You can’t text message breakup!

Joking aside, I liked this chapter. Kawamatsu isn’t that great of a character alone, but his relationships with others kept my interest. It’s nice seeing how friendly he and Hiyori are, their bond I’m sure growing stronger after losing Lord Oden and the downfall of Wano.

We learn Kawamatsu’s connection to Gyukimaru the Monk whose actually a fox that can transform into human form. Classic Japanese lore. After losing Hiyori, Kawamatsu, after looking for a place to die, finds new purpose robbing graves in Ringo, all in an effort to stockpile swords for the upcoming war against Team Kaido Kozuki Toki predicted. Onimaru (Monk Gyukimaru’s real name) and Kawamatsu eventually become allies, protecting the grave marking katanas from dirty grave robbers to they can do the same, but for a good reason. Not hypocrisy. It’s called ethics, kiddies. Look it up. Anyway, it’s classic Oda storytelling, delivering on emotion, friendship, and snotty nose drama.

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Legion of Doom [My Hero Academia 240]

“Paranormal Liberation Front” Yeah, I’m not liking that name. Should’ve gone with something cooler like Liberation Squad or The Walt Libsney Company or Red Hot Libby Peppers.

We got confirmation Geten is female. But, whether she can freestyle rap remains to be seen.

♫It’s been one week since Deika got destroyed.♫

I predicted the events at Deika would set fear of the League of Villains at an all-time high. Nope. Skeptic spun the events calling it an independent act of terrorism where, conveniently, all the terrorists died. He even added some pro-liberation propaganda boosting how Deika citizens defeated the terrorists after the heroes were lured away. Smooth, Skeptic. Real smooth.

Well, the League got their sushi. Dabi hates fish, Y’all! That’s important, I guess. What’s actually important is Toga survived thanks to the now-dead Clone Toga blood transfusion. Such a nice scene watching Twice pay respects to the clone. He understands they’re as real as they are even if created by his power.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

The Final Villain Will Be… [My Hero Vigilantes]

Let’s talk about the Villian Factory, shall we?

Hm. Now where have I heard that line before?

You know them, right? The people turning civilians into Trigger test subjects. Kidnapping and doing more experiments on people. And, let’s not forget the flying bomb creatures and No. 6 whose implied to be some kind of non-human creature who only looks human. Can we all agree the Villian Factory is All For One’s criminal organization? Yeah? Cool.

I should say a part of AFO’s operation. I doubt we’ll see much of the Evil Overlord in My Hero Vigilantes. At least, we won’t see him fighting. A flashback of him stealing O’Clock’s quirk is a given and maybe a cameo or two talking with Doctor Ujiko but that’s all we’ll get and I’m fine with it. We don’t need AFO stomping our main cast into dust and stomped they’d be if he ever fought them. Look, Koichi is awesome but he ain’t nowhere near AFO’s level so pluck that fantasy fight out your minds right now.

Instead, let’s talk about the Villain Factory’s endgame in My Hero Vigilantes. How do we figure it out? Easy, we make a guess based on who controls the Villain Factory and the state of the organization in the main series. All For One controls it all, but I wanna focus on Doctor Ujiko because he’s no doubt the guy overseeing the Villain Factory.

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Under New Management [My Hero Academia 239]

Welcome to what is probably the end of the Villains Arc. It was a wild ride. We laughed, we cried, we wondered how Re-Destro’s pants stretched to fit Hulk Re-Destro. Barring maybe one last wrap-up chapter, or at least a portion of next week’s chapter dedicated to the public’s reaction to the carnage that befell Deika City, let’s not only talk about this chapter but what it all means for the series as a whole.

Here’s a hint: Team Deku’s screwed.

Re-Destro’s not a morning person.

Shigaraki won. And, I’m not just talking about his fight against Re-Destro. Seeing Shiggy as the embodiment of Destro’s ideals, Re-Destro admits defeat then turns the Meta Liberation Army over to him. Well, that’s a shocker. But, thinking about it makes sense. Look, the MLA aren’t exactly good people. They want every quirk user to be able to use their powers without restriction. That’s absolutely insane. The fact that Re-Destro looked upon all the destruction Shigaraki caused and admired him is proof of that. These are two crazy leaders who can potentially share a common goal. Let’s face it, Y’all. The MLA was walking down the path of destruction since OG Destro’s days. The only difference between them and the League is what happens after society is destroyed. If Shigaraki has no problem allowing what’s left of Japan to use their quirks feely then everyone wins. And why wouldn’t he? I doubt he cares what happens to the world after he wreaks it. It’s a total win-win situation for both organizations!

Addressing Spinner’s narrative, it looks like that whole “League is doomed” talk from the beginning of the arc was him thinking up to this point before he saw Shigaraki pull off the win. Just wanted to point that out for anyone who remembered.

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#OnePieceBiggestFan [One Piece 952]

I’m trying, Oda. I’m trying to like this arc, but I’m mostly going through the motions.

Can this be the main story instead?

It’s not like I hate this arc. But, I don’t love it either. I’m more in love with parts of it and the idea of a Wano Arc. Is it the pacing? The Wano introduced characters? Um, maybe? I mean, the arc’s moving at a regular pace. Stuff’s happening. Unfortunately, I’m not interested enough in a lot of it. Again, I don’t hate it, I’m just kinda riding along.

Hm, Wano introduced characters? Who do I love? Well, there’s…erm…um…no one. Not one single Wano native character has caught my interest. I don’t hate them, Y’all! I just don’t love them. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about antagonistic characters. Queen is a delight and…well…maybe one of the Yakuza bosses will rub off on me. Oh, boy, I don’t like where this is going.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Angsty Aizawa [My Hero Vigilantes 59]

Whoa! I don’t think anyone could’ve guessed what would happen in this chapter. And, some people say Vigilantes isn’t canon. Yeah, right.

The Little Red Riding Hood reboot looks good.

Character. Character. Character. This is what My Hero Vigilantes excels at. It’s not about the punching punches, it’s about who these people are. See, this chapter, and probably the next one too, is all about Aizawa. Midnight is already a teacher at U.A. and Present Mic will start teaching next semester. She calls wanting to get Aizawa on board too but he’s not having it. So…Midnight claims Aizawa’s been avoiding something? Is he worried he’s not a popular enough hero to teach kids? Or, could it be a who that’s he’s avoiding? Ms. Joke’s a teacher. Could she be the one he’s avoiding? Maybe, she’s the one who’ll finally convince Aizawa to start teaching?

After a run-in with a small-time baddie, Aizawa and Koichi talk about the responsibility of taking care of an abandoned kitten and we hit…a flashback!

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Welcome to Deika City, Population: Not Anymore [My Hero Academia 238]

Pop in those earbuds and hit play, because it’s time for another 100% stressful chapter of My Hero Academia.

This is how you werk the runway.

Picking up where we last left off after Shigaraki remembered everything and made the mental limits on his power as thing of the past, he continues his face-off against Re-Destro. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the full-powered Tomura Shigaraki!

But, Re-Destro’s having none of it and attacks. Now, keep in mind this is a Shigaraki bordering on the edge of collapse. He’s be fighting almost non-stop against Gigantomachia for weeks and has spent today fighting Meta Liberation Army goons and their powerful boss. Everything we’re seeing now is only a taste of what’s to come from Shigaraki in the future after a good night’s rest and a new pair of socks.

Anyway, Re-Destro tries hitting Shigaraki with a 100% Stress Bomb. It destroys everything around the two, missing Shigaraki because he destroyed it before it could affect him. Yikes! That basically confirms dear ole Shiggy can destroy energy attacks, meaning Deku’s Black Whip will be useless if he tries attacking the LoV leader directly with it. So, um, where are the Deku’s Overpowered complainers now?

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Reuniting with Your Ex [One Piece 951]

Sure, it’s possible Big Mom and Kaido were just friends or frenemies but this is Oda’s One Piece we’re talking about. After seeing how attractive Big Mom was in the past and her having baby daddies all over the universe, you can’t tell me she didn’t hook up with someone in her old crew.

So, she went from chubby kid to skinny twenty-something to back to chubby. See? That’s what happens when you kill your personal trainer.

Let’s back it up for now and— You know what? Let’s not! Why do I have to talk about a chapter in order? It’s not like I haven’t gone out of sequence before. Okay, then, Big Mom and Kaido. They do the whole split heavens apart thing Shanks and Whitebeard did when they first met. As you may know, this only happens when two mega level fighters clash. Will Luffy and Kaido have a clash like that or will Oda save it for when he meets Blackbeard? Hm. I’d say Blackbeard.

We learn Lead Performer/All-Star King is part of a rare race. Double hm. Big Mom said there were three races not part of her kingdom. I know the Giants are one. Triple hm. Well, I got nothing. No, wait! King’s got wings. Wow, I can’t believe I forgot about the Skypieans. Yep, that’s got to be it, I think. Or, maybe it’s a bird race. In any case, King’s not interested in joining Team Mom.

Napoleon is shy. That’s why he was dormant when Big Mom lost her memory. Moving on.