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Happy New Year! [My Hero Academia 242]

♪’Tis the season to read manga. Fa la la la la, la la la la♪

Wait, we do that all the time. Don gay apparel? Decorating your halls/home? Giving presents? There’s nothing done at Christmas we can’t do all year round. It’s all a lie!

The equivalent of saying “I’ll be right back” in a horror movie.

I love it when characters aren’t being stupid for the sake of the plot. The U.A. staff figures out really quick the “requested” work study for students sent down from the Public Safety Commission means there’s crap about to go down. Now, we know Hawks (well, all the heroes technically are supervised under them) reports to the PSC so it’s safe to say the work study is in response to information received from him spying on the Paranormal Liberation Front. But, what exactly does that mean? Is there something specific coming that they know or is it general measures taken out of caution? We don’t know, but it’s a smart move by the PSC. Better to have all hands on deck just in case than sit back and do nothing.

I’m also interested in whether or not Endeavor knows Hawks is a double agent. Hawks did mention a couple chapters ago he needed to report to Endeavor about his findings. Is he feeding the number one hero intel on the sly or did he and the PSC bring him in on their operation? He’s the top hero, after all. I think if at least one other hero knew what’s really going on it should be Endeavor. And, Todoroki, Bakugo, and Deku may all work study under him. Hm. I think I’m starting to see one way this can play out.

It’s okay. She’s wearing gloves.

But, what about the commission’s other program Nezu was taking to Aizawa about? Could it be what Deku was talking about concerning matching students without connections to a hero? If so, how can that impact the story? Well, I can think of at least one important way.

Perhaps the PSC assigns U.A. students to work with Hawks, filling them in on Hawk’s secret mission. They can pretend to be Liberation fans or simply be there backing up Hawks without gathering suspicion. Tokoyami will be on that list. Maybe Bakugo too? The League was interested in him at one point, remember? Maybe the PSC wants to use that as an in for Bakugo.

There’s also Kaminari. If we assume the PSC knows the MLA is still active then they should be investigating every hero, student, and family member that could be involved with them. Maybe the PSC figured out Kaminari’s parents are members and are taking steps to learn if he’s indoctrinated too. Maybe have him work under Hawks without him knowing the PSC are watching them both. Not a super solid theory, but the PSC has to be taking steps figuring out which heroes believe in full liberation.

Even Bakugo likes Best Jeanist. That’s the power of denim.

Oh, and Christmas stuff happened too. Fun times held by all. From Ashido and Kaminari trying to get Bakugo into the holiday spirit to Eri showing up and getting the holiday wrong (It’s kinda depressing when realizing she’s probably never celebrated a holiday.) to the pom-poms on each students’ Santa cap representing something about them, mainly their quirks. Very heartwarming.

Good chapter! It was fun while at the same time setting up what’s to come. Will Deku and Bakugo end up work studying under Endeavor? Maybe, but I’m expecting something will nix that plan. Either what I said earlier about the PSC wanting Bakugo semi-joining Hawk’s mission or Deku getting a request to work under someone else or something else having to do with the PSC preparing for war. War. That’s what coming, y’all. Fighting. Death. Destruction. Fitting it was a holiday chapter. ♪La la la la, Hawks please don’t die♪


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