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I Like My Heroes How I Like My Coffee… [My Hero Academia 243]

…strong, sweet, and able to keep me up all night. From partying, I mean.

What the— Get the hell outta my room!

Not much happened this chapter, but I’ll touch on the most important stuff. One being Deku spending some time with Mama Inko. She’s trying to be supportive of Deku’s choices. I like it. And, Deku’s being honest, talking about his troubles with his quirk. I like that too. It can’t be easy for the two of them being apart but I’m happy they’re being honest with one another.

We check-in with Hawks who was smart enough to know he’d be monitored by the Meta Liberation Front at some point and is using a code to communicate with the Public Safety Commission. My guess: using his feathers in some fashion. Slidin’ Go showed up again. I really like that character. Still hoping Kaminari or another U.A. student interns under him.

All Might loves mooning people.

Hawks only needs to find dirt on where and who makes the Nomu and he’s all clear. Yeah, haha. “Only.” Like I said in a previous review, Dr. Ujiko is not the guy to mess with. Hawks is gonna be in for a world of hurt if he gets too close to that hornet’s nest.

Todoroki, Bakugo, and Deku met up with an annoyed Endeavor (Of course he only let the other two join because Shoto asked him.) and quicker than you can say double espresso, a new villain pops up spouting about the end times. Balloons or balls? I’d say he has a balloon quirk. And, wouldn’t you know, Hawks is also in the area. Yep, Horikoshi’s wasting no time getting these four together. The new arc is a go. I repeat the new arc is officially a go!

Move it, Deku. Don’t keep Ms. Frizzle waiting.

This was a quaint chapter. I like seeing Deku and Inko spending time together as well as Hawks’ deep undercover. Notice we didn’t see Shigaraki or his old crew this chapter. I guess they’re busy doing whatever Ujiko asked of them. That can’t be good. All in all, an okay chapter. Now, let the Endeavor/Hawks/Class A Big Three hype commence! WOOOOOO! YEAH! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!

Oh, sorry. Must be the caffeine.

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