Manga My Hero Vigilantes

I Wanna Be Your Lover [My Hero Vigilantes 61]

I was expecting O’Clock but we got someone better. Attention, friends! His Purple Highness has arrived!

If his quirk’s not Purple Rain we riot.

Team Purple Revolution (Aizawa, Midnight [You Sexy M.F.!] and Shirakumo) are on the scene stopping a thief who looks a teensy bit like Majin Buu. And, by “teensy” I mean a lot. He’s definitely not one of The Beautiful Ones. Darling Nikki—erm—Aizawa fails to capture Buu who may or may not have escaped in a Little Red Corvette down Alphabet St.

Prince is more upset about Aizawa not giving off a positive (stage?) presence than the Delirious villain getting away. Back in the locker room, a Soft and Wet Shirakumo suggests Aizawa use his goggles in order to get close to the smoky villain and use his Erasure quirk. I Adore that idea. And, now we know why Aizawa started wearing goggles.

Meeting your in-laws for the first time.

Days (17 Days?) later, Aizawa confronts Majin Buu again trying to steal what I believe is a sack of Diamonds And Pearls, deactivating his quirk in time for Shirakumo to Gett Off his cloud and wack the bad guy with his 7-foot long pole. The day is saved!

Confirmation the My Hero universe also takes place in one of the Dragon Ball Super universes.

This was a fun chapter. Nothing huge happened other than the audience meeting a new hero and Aizawa using goggles for the first time. Interesting how both this and the main series is all about internships at the moment. I just hope nothing Purple Rains on my parade like seeing something bad happen to Shirakumo. If that happens, Let’s Go Crazy, y’all! And…uh…write 1999 tweets to Shueisha. Okay, I’m out of Prince puns. See ya next chapter!

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