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Rocky Horror Pirate Show [One Piece 957]

Most of this chapter was just a glorified meeting. And, I loved every bit of it!

957lenny kravitz
Stop lying, Sengoku. You know that’s Whoopi Goldberg without her glasses.

Before reading this chapter, I was wondering what we’d get. More around the world reactions? Warlord shenanigans? Wano: Part Three? Nope. Instead, we got a big ‘ole exposition dump which makes me wonder if Oda’s really good at making TED Talks or if I’m so disinterested in Wano I’d rather read wanted posters. Okay, that’s not fair. Those are some mega important bounty reveals. I’m sorry, Wano. No more below the belt pop shots from me. I’ll save them for your flashback. Ooooh! I’m such a meanie~

Continuing the trend of half-explaining unknown events from the last chapter, we listen in on Sakazuki and Fujitora talking about the Seven Warlords no longer working for the World Government and get a clue about their replacement. Or, I should say, the special science team building whatever’s going to replace the Warlords, the SSG. Special Science Team? Special Science Group. There we go, that fits better. I think most people guessed at some point Vegapunk would step in and create something to replace the Warlords, assuming he’s running this group. I mean, yeah, there’s no one else but Vegapunk that could be important enough to lead it but I’m trying to be diplomatic here, y’all.

What could the SSG be cooking up to replace the Seven Warlords? I’ve said in the past it may be a weapon or weapons made out of seastone. It could be a new line of Pacifistas. Maybe even replicas of an ancient weapon. Whatever it is Vegapunk’s official introduction into the story is inchin’ closer and it looks like it’ll be worth the wait.

Shanks can’t stop looking at his phone long enough to take a picture.

At New Marineford, Brannew updates the class on Big Mom and Kaido teaming up in Wano. Prof. Sengoku takes over, revealing more about the two Yonko’s connections as former members of the Rocks Pirates, the Foo Fighters of pirate crews. Now, there’s really no point in talking about what’s happening outside of all this juicy new information we’re given by Sengoku this chapter, so I’m just gonna dive deep into my thoughts on everything I think is worth talking about.

Fullalead Island. Is it a coincidence Blackbeard controls the same island where the Rocks Pirates formed? Could Captain Rocks have left something there Blackbeard wants to find? Or, is the island located in a very convenient part of the New World? Hm.

The best thing about the Navy being sponsored by McDonald’s are the free happy meals after every meeting.

Speaking of Rocks D. Xebec, he’s a “D”. A D with high aspirations who was defeated by two other Ds, Monkey D. Garp and Gol D. Roger. Call me crazy but that might be the first mention of more than two D’s slugging it out in a fight. So, how was Rocks planning to become King of the World? Kidnapping Celestial Dragons is certainly one way to make the World Government give you whatever you want. But, what did Rocks want from the WG or was he after the Celestial Dragons themselves? The guy was a D so I’m guessing he had a solid plan for achieving his goal. Could whatever his plan had been be the same ultimate plan Blackbeard’s trying to accomplish? King of the Pirates. King of the World. Is there really a difference when it comes to Blackbeard? Hm…

Why did Whitebeard join the Rocks Crew? He doesn’t seem like the type of guy to team up with people he doesn’t like. He’s a family man, after all. Did Whitebeard have a major hate-on for the Celestial Dragons? Or, did he join Team Rocks in order to keep an eye on them? Considering what we know about the once strongest man in the world, there was more than simple greed motivating his decisions. For all we know, Whitebeard could’ve turned on Team Rocks in the end.

What’s so special about God Valley? Was it just some random exotic island the Celestial Dragons used as their hidden vacation spot? Did the island contain secrets? Maybe the People of D once lived there. Or, it contained a special Poneglyph? Is that why the World Government wanted to hide it? Could Rocks had wanted what was hidden on the island and the Celestial Dragons were just a bonus? Hm……

Better than his first title, Garp the Brah.

Is Rocks dead? Hard to say either way. I’ve heard theories Blackbeard might use Moria’s power to revive his corpse. I will say since Oda didn’t reveal Rocks’ full appearance he still has an important role to play in the story, either in a flashback or in a future event. So, if I had to choose I’d say he’s still alive in some fashion.

Shanks only been a Yonko for 6 years? That’s much shorter than I first thought. What the hell did he do to gain Yonko status? Did the Five Elders give him the title after first meeting him? Did he get it because he’s the strongest member of Roger’s crew still active? This mystery came out of nowhere and I’m really interested in what went down. Also, the Red-Haired Pirates have the “most balanced” members. Basically, it’s a crew full of all-stars. That was an interesting line. Now, I want to see Shanks’ crews’ bounties.

Woah! Is that Shiki? And Captain John?! I remember you. Holy crap! I think I see Banjo-Kazooie in the back. Everyone is here!

What an explosive chapter! We got world building up the rudder in this one. Seeing the Yonko’s bounties has hit home to me we are definitely in the last half of the series. It’s hard to believe I’m been reading One Piece since 2005, maybe 2004 at the earliest. I’m getting a little misty-eyed. Wait a minute! Stop the sentimentality! I forgot to mention Kozuki Oden. What exactly is his role in all this? Oh well, I’m sure a good chunk of it will be revealed before the Strawhats leave Wano. I’m still not fully invested in Kozuki Oden yet so I can take or leave his backstory at his point.

Will we get the Warlord’s bounties next time? Does it matter at this point? It’s possible we’ll get one more non-Wano chapter focusing on Blackbeard, Shanks, the World Government and/or the Warlords. Oh! Maybe we can check-in with Jinbe and the Strawhat Grand Fleet! I’d even take a chapter of Dragon clipping his toenails over going back to Wano. Maybe he uses ancient D clippers. Hm…………



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