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The Bakugo & Todoroki Show [My Hero Academia 241]

Did you catch the new season of Bakugo & Todoroki? It’s really good. I can’t wait to see their hijinks working for Endeavor. Oops! Getting a little ahead of myself.

That’s right. You tell ’em Labyrinth’s David Bowie.

The U.A. students are back! Bakugo & Todoroki are interviewed after whoopin’ villain butt immediately after getting their provisional licenses. Shouldn’t Deku get an interview for beating down Overhaul? Maybe certain details about the mission are secret. Yeah, I guess I’ll go with that plot hole—erm—excuse.

Mt. Lady. Someone as media obsessed as her is working harder as a legit hero. Good on you. And, not just Mt. Lady. Seems Endeavor’s influence after his High-End fight is reaching far and wide. Heroes overall are gathering more support from the public and the heroes themselves are stepping up. This ain’t All Might’s world anymore. The heroes can’t count on an overpowered super-duper hero saving everyone. It’s time everyone did their part in keeping Japan safe.

Hero Interview Training. Similar to focusing on team-ups when getting their provisional licenses, the students continue to be groomed on current hero expectations. This time is interviewing in order to put the public at ease and show them who they are, both with their words and by demonstrating their powers. It’s another step in keeping public morale high while at the same time learning what other heroes you may end up partnering with can do. A simple yet important training exercise.

All Might’s doing something, Y’all! He’s trying to dig up info on all the past One For All users. That’s a great way to use the character. Good on Horikoshi for doing that.

So, Deku’s got Blackwhip locked down, but now it’s time to train that bad boy. He can at least summon the power but it’s weak. Gee, I wonder who Deku should work-study under to help him control it? A hero in the Top 10, perhaps? Someone Mt. Lady can introduce him to. Someone who uses whip type appendages. I’m talking about Kamui Woods, Y’all. It’s perfect. Deku can learn from another whip type user and we get some interesting developments since Kamui Woods is part of a hero team. We may even get other U.A. students interning under other members. Lots of promise going that route.

Manga One Piece

Did They Hate F**k? [One Piece 954]

Well, several days did pass. Who knows what could’ve happened between Kaido and Big Mom’s “Deathmatch” and drinking. I say yes. What do you think, internet?

Kin’emon, you cheap bastard! Where’s the snacks? You can’t hold a strategy meeting without doughnuts, you jerk.

Got some great revelations coupled with more planning and buildup. Let’s talk about the fun stuff first. Hawkins is beaten by Law, revealing Scratchmen Apoo was apart of Kaido’s crew all along! He was basically trying to recruit the other two. Hawkins did the smart thing and joined while Kid and Killer got their butts kicked. The rest of the Kid Pirates are working for Team Kaido and Orochi under threat Kid will be killed if they don’t.

Who’s the person letting Law walk out of there? Kyoshiro. He hates Orochi, is working with Hiyori, blah blah blah. I’ve talked about that more than enough.

I’m assuming Zoro has Lord Oden’s Enma sword now. There’s his power-up. Boss Hyo is training Luffy so he’s getting his too. Franky and Ussop are fixing the broken ship theyre planning to use to reach Onigashima. I’m still excited about that. They’re gonna be amazing. And, the rest of the Alliance, minus Law (Hm?), are ironing out the final mission details. It’s nice seeing their plans coming together. It’s not perfect, no plan truly is, but it’s a nice balance between accomplishments and setbacks.