Posted by: Redgeek | October 7, 2019

Burns & Noble [My Hero Academia 245]

Endeavor figured it out, y’all!


Bruh! You can’t read books with your fire quirk activated.

The number one hero did, in fact, notice Hawks’ strange behavior. His out of nowhere liberation fanboying coupled with an unusually serious face tipped off Endeavor enough to go through the Meta Liberation War book in search of a clue. And, thanks to Hawks emphasizing the word second, Hot Lips breaks the code. Reading only the second word in each highlighted section, Hawks updates Endeavor on everything he knows about the Paranormal Liberation Front. Why the Public Safety Commission heads didn’t contact him directly? The reason could be possible phone taps and monitoring by Skeptic’s Feed Good Inc. telecommunications company? Or, could Hawks think there’s a PLF mole at Endeavor’s agency?!

It makes sense. The PLF would definitely want one of their agents there. And with Endeavor having over 30 sidekicks, it’ll be easy for him or her to go reasonably unnoticed. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Burnin! But, she could be too obvious, so I’ve also got my other eye on that Bandaged Face Guy.


This is the dumbest MHA panel I’ve seen in weeks. Nevermind Gigantomachia lurking in the background like a hulking piece of furniture, the League trying to be professional sitting behind an office desk while holding a serious meeting is soooo stupid! I love it! Give me a whole chapter of this, Horikoshi.

Last chapter, I had thought Hawks contacted Endeavor because he learned the possible location of the High-End Nomus. Turns out it’s something just as bad, maybe even worse. Shigaraki was noticeably absent from the meeting with Hawks (I also didn’t see Geten but he’s probably on a mission.) and through some eavesdropping feather vibrations, Hawks was able to learn Shigaraki’s getting “power” and once that’s accomplished Japan is screwed big time. Uh-oh!

Now, what is this power Shiggy’s getting? No doubt it’s from Ujiko and All From One. Perhaps the bad doctor is fitting Shigaraki with more quirks like many fans have long ago guessed but the process needs to time or he’d become a nomu, hence the four-month time table. Or, maybe— Nah! He’s getting more quirks. From Ujiko’s quirk experiments to All For One telling Best Jeanist his quirk wasn’t a good fit for Shigaraki, everything is leading to the Supreme Leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front becoming a coked-out—erm—excuse me, quirked-out supervillain just like Papa AFO.


Let’s hope he gets a quirk giving him a fat ass. I’ve seen bigger butts in ashtrays.

A nice chapter. We’re still in setup mode here, but now we have a timetable for which the heroes have to either stop Shigaraki from gaining this power (that’s not happening) or training and planning for a way to stop him after achieving it. Interesting how the PLF is in full recruitment mode, wanting as many people, especially heroes/hero students, on their side for the upcoming war in four months. Does that mean we’ll see other UA students trying to be recruited? Or, could it mean there’s already a full-on PLF member within their ranks ready to strike on the promised day? And, no, I’m not talking about Kaminari. He’s most likely part of the liberation movement through his parents and may not know the organization has been taken over by Shigaraki.

Well then, four months in-universe time until all heck breaks loose. Hm. Deku will be a Second Year by them. And, we’ll be four months into the year Sir Nighteye predicted Toshinori will die. Yikes! I better start working on my eulogy. I wonder if its offensive to do it in the style of Human?



  1. What I find so interesting about the PLF is that it welcomes heroes. They could become competition for the hero schools. Or at least until they start killing innocent people.

    • Well, being a hero grants you permission to use your quirk more than others. It’s the perfect job for someone believing in quirk liberation.

      • Heroes do have an legal advantage in terms of quirk permission. However, when the PLF begins attacks both heroes and civilians, it’s probably impossible to remain a hero and stay in the organization.

  2. It was too late when the Liberation Army decided to kill the League. They’re extremists Having the League merge with them just makes it more obvious..

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