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Basic Bros [My Hero Academia 248]

Endeavor’s all about learning the fundamentals. Yeah, he makes a good point.

Hm. Looks like Uraraka upgraded her costume. I wonder if she can maneuver in the air now?

On the job training. That’s what this chapter is all about. Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki are following Endeavor around, trying to out hero him, but Mr. Number One got everything handled. He tells Bakugo and Shoto to train to unleash their max power for a moment or focusing it. Deku gets orders to drop Black Whip training right now and put all his experience points into mastering Air Force subconsciously. Then, he can work on Black Whip. One thing at a time, y’all. You gotta take problems one step at a time.

Forget mastering Air Force. Deku needs to work on pumping up that flat ass.

Aaaaand…that’s about it. Not much else is going on, just got more details on what exactly the boys will focus on.

We end with Fuyumi asking Endeavor to bring all three interns home for dinner. My guess she’s feeling a little down. Maybe Toya’s birthday or the anniversary of the day he “died” happened recently (she was praying a couple chapters ago) hit her hard and she’s needing some family togetherness? In any case, could this be the catalyst for an Endeavor backstory with new Toya info thrown it? Hey, why not?! Nows the perfect time for Firebeard’s backstory. Let’s face it. We know little about the guy. Not even why he wanted to be a hero, let alone the best of the best. All right, Horikoshi. Give it to us.

You know what? I bet Bakugo’s bad attitude’s been a ruse this whole time. He just loves f-ing with people.

An okay chapter. The plot’s moving. A possible backstory’s coming. I can’t complain too much. And, hey, Natsuo will probably be at dinner too, throwing gallons of shade at Endeavor. Ohhhh! I can’t wait. Bring on the drama!

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