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Isak Danielson [My Hero Academia 251]

Yep. He’s definitely Isak Danielson.

This was an all-action chapter, y’all. Not a lot of potatoes, but plenty of meat (or tofu if you’re not into munching animal flesh). Speaking of flesh, Natsuo is about to get his messed up if Endeavor doesn’t save the day. And guess what, he doesn’t! The Always professional Endeavor hesitates. His fear of possibly losing another son affecting his job performance. He’s not Playing Love, he really does care for all his children now. But luckily here comes Shoto, Bakugo, and Deku to save the day with their Power.

Using the lessons taught to them by Endeavor, we see how each intern improves in some way. Shoto concentrates his fire into a barrier blocking the mentally Broken Isak’s attack. Bakugo concentrates his explosives into one small blast that rockets him forward and saves Natsuo from a taxi cab. Hmm, I wonder if it’s the taxi Natsuo was waiting for back at Todoroki HQ. Oh, the irony if that’s true.

Manga One Piece

Kozuki Oden’s Drag Race [One Piece 963]

A group of people trying to be superstars, learning different things and changing their looks to wow people all so they can perform on stage (or procession in this case). Yeah, it’s basically that show. Good on you, Oda.

Oh, no! Anti-vaccinaters!

Cat Viper, Dogstorm and Kawatmatsu join the Oden Party. We’re reminded of the pact between the Kozuki Clan and Minks. Yep, something serious went down hundreds of years ago. Can you say Void Century? You can? Well, excuuuse me. Moving on.

We see the full scene of Oden’s vassals getting caught and offered the money they were trying to steal from Lord Yasuie. It all ends up being an investment on his part to turn a bunch of thugs not only into proper vassals but the protectors of Wano as a whole. Talk about seeing the big picture. See kids? That’s the difference between being a proper investor and playing the lottery. Stupid scratch-off tickets always giving me 2 gold bars. I’m so close to winning! …Ahem! Moving on.

We learn Orochi’s no longer Yasuie’s attendant and is working for Lord Sukiyaki, poisoning the crap out of him. Okay, that last part’s not confirmed but we know that’s what’s happening. The slimeball also keeps begging for money from Oden. So what’s all this money for? What’s he trying to buy? Poison? People through bribes? Information? Weapons? Well, it ain’t a Disney+ subscription I can tell you that (He stole Yasuie’s password.).

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

The Final Season [My Hero Vigilantes 66]

I’ll admit it, I freaked after reading this chapter. How can I not? We’re in the final season of My Hero Vigilantes!

Discount Bebop & Rocksteady

I should’ve known something was up. You know, with how the schoolgirls called The Crawler by his true vigilante name, not The Cruller. How easily Koichi dealt with the two thugs, almost effortlessly. Just how organized he and Pop were dealing with the situation, such a huge difference from the first few chapters. Hm, I wonder if Koichi learned to fly? Nah! He’ll probably learn that in the upcoming arc.

So yeah, we time skipped TWO WHOLE YEARS from the last chapter! Koichi’s gonna graduate college soon and is looking for a full-time job, meaning his days as The Crawler will soon end. Sure, it’s not like he could be a vigilante forever but I’m just not ready for it to end damn it! Well, I shouldn’t panic. This final arc will no doubt last a good while. There’s Koichi’s search for a job, learning what happens to Pop and her idol career and, of course, Knuckleduster. Has that guy been missing for TWO DAMN YEARS?!

Manga My Hero Academia

It’s Called A Home Security System [My Hero Academia 250]

You know? Those things that protect people’s homes. Especially, the homes of prominent members of society like the number one hero in Japan! A guard, a robot, motion detection lights, anything would be better than nothing. Look into it after Natsu’s funeral if you got the time.

Wrong country, Ending. You want The Avengers.

I’m kidding. Natsu won’t die. Maimed possibly, but definitely not dying.

We don’t get much more information on Toya. Mostly confirmation he “died” after Rei was first admitted to the hospital for burning Shoto. There’s really not much else to talk about except for Ending. So, let’s get to him.

A villain with a death wish. Gotta say I’m intrigued with this guy. Looks like he has a quirk that allows him to control his bandages, plus he used the trigger drug so he should be a pretty dangerous guy to fight right now. That, and he’s crazy.

Manga One Piece

Flashback? More Like FASTback! Am I Right? Ah? Ahh? [One Piece 962]

♪Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me? K-O-Z-U-K-I  O-D-E-N-N.♪

…Eh? Close enough.

Oda’s one-man war on big girls continues.

This chapter reveals how Kozuki Oden met up with most of his samurai. Holy crap, Oda’s moving 90 KPH through this flashback! I still don’t care about them. There’s no time to care! Why? Because we have to see Oden’s epic fight against Ashura Doji in Kuri—and it got skipped. Whatever, Oda.

But, hey! Oden turned all the criminals in Kuri into his followers and fixed up the area! How? You see he… Damn it, Oda! You skipped that too?! Is this a flashback or a Netflix intro?

Manga My Hero Academia

What? No Dessert? [My Hero Academia 249]

Ring the Japanese equivalent of a triangle bell, cause it’s dinnertime!

They’re either training really hard or forgot to take a shower.

Enji’s been dreaming of his family together at the dinner table, but he’s never in them. He wants to be a better father but how? Well, I can tell you how to be a better husband right now:  Stop calling your wife “The Wife” when thinking about her. Was that weird to anyone else? He mentioned his kids by name but not Rei. Hm, maybe that means something.

Anyway, Endeavor brings Shoto, Deku, and Bakugo home for dinner as Fuyumi suggested last chapter. Natsu is there too so it doesn’t take long for things to get awkward when Natsu mentions Enji not approving of his cooking because it was too rich for his precious Shoto to eat. Enji doesn’t even remember that and that’s enough to send Natsu walking out the room. With dinner a bust, Deku learns Bakugo knew about Crap Dad Enji since overhearing his and Shoto’s conversation back in the U.A. Festival Arc. Deku and Bakugo overhear Fuyumi talking to Shoto about their dad which was nice to see. Not just because I love watching those two siblings interact, but I love Fuyumi admitting she’s upset at Endeavor too but is trying to use his change of heart as a spark to bring the family closer together. She’s having a hard time, y’all but at least she’s trying to do something about it! More on that later.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Shota Aizawa: Vigilante With Benefits [My Hero Vigilantes 65]

All this time Aizawa wasn’t a hero.

Okay, yeah, he’s a hero, but I’d also consider him a lawful vigilante. Or, he was until the end of this chapter. I only now realize how fitting it was having him in My Hero Vigilantes.

Glad he’s less of a jerk now. Guess Mineta’s once again the worst U.A. student in history.

We catch up with Aizawa and Yamada one year after Shirakumo’s death. While Yamada seems to be back to his normal self (at least on the outside), Aizawa is different, more like the sleepy Aizawa we see in the main series. It’s not because he’s gotten lazy. No, quite the opposite! He’s in ultra training mode, perfecting his fighting skills as best he can. And, all that training’s made him a tired guy.

It’s also implied Aizawa is more distant than ever, not even entertaining the idea of hanging out with his classmates. You can tell Yamada is the one holding on to their friendship, not because Aizawa’s pushing him away, but he’s just so focused on training he has little time for anything else. Guilt. Aizawa’s holding a lot of guilt over Shirakumo’s death. One of his best friends was killed by a villain and he’s doing everything he can to make sure no one else goes through what he has.

Although U.A. offers a student like Aizawa many options in how to become a professional hero, Aizawa just wants to start his agency immediately and start whopping criminal butt. No sidekicking. No Teams. Just him specializing in anti-villain combat. Like I said earlier, Aizawa became the closest thing to a vigilante without breaking the law.

Manga One Piece

Maybe It’s The Legs [One Piece 961]

Is that why everyone in Wano’s gaga for Oden? I’ll admit they are pretty hot.

Hide Your Daughters!! Hide Your Wives!!!

Kozuki Oden. I still can’t tell if he’s a joke character or not. Is it a Japanese thing? Is it a male stereotype thing? I don’t want to harp on it but Oda tends to lean on gender stereotypes more often than not. Women are super skinny, super sexy, and all about love. Yet, we have Nami and Robin who fill the first two requirements but not the third. Then we have men who are super buff and super tough like Kaido or Zoro, but we have Luffy who’s more on the lean side. And Usopp was a skinny dude before the time skip. What I’m trying to say is what the heck is up with Oden?

I can’t take him seriously. Everyone in the chapter is harping on how manly he is and women are fawning over his words and body. But, after seeing all the craziness in One Piece, the wacky devil fruit powers, the insane feats of strength delivered by the Straw Hat crew and their allies and enemies, Oden isn’t all that special. Yeah, he’s really strong but his I don’t care personality isn’t anything to write home about. Maybe it is a cultural thing. Or, maybe Oda is rushing through the arc. Or, both.