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Cloudy with a Chance of Death Flags [My Hero Academia 255]

Alright, Aizawa! You got through to Black Mist! But, at the same time, buddy, I think you just signed Hawks’ death certificate.

S-H-I-T. Damn that Ujiko for leaving Black Mist’s language filters on.

As I said time and time again, nothing good can come from Hawks looking for the Nomu and Ujiko. Well, yeah, there’s finding out where the Nomu are made and Ujiko’s secret identity but it’ll be a great cost. Basically, Hawks may not be alive much longer y’all. But, hey, we’ve seen heroes dodge death flags before (Looking at you Toshinori and Endeavor.), so it’s not impossible he’ll survive, just less and less likely.

Especially, with Super Shigaraki there too. Hawks would make a tasty fodder for his new powers. So, Hawks, can I have your microwave after you die? What?! I’m just hedging my bets here. I don’t want him to die either.

By the way, (in case you didn’t realize) according to Caleb Cook, that text he got was a code for Hawks telling him Shirakumo said “hospital”.

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Goldbeard [One Piece 966]

That’s right. It’s all about Roger and Whitebeard. Oden’s just along for the ride. Forget the backseat, put him in the trunk.

Was it ever stated if Roger owns a legendary sword? Hm, maybe he just went to Walmart.

With the obligatory Oden hate out of the way, let’s talk about the chapter. We see Oden get shut down by Captain Roger before Whitebeard sashays into the fray. He and Roger clash which begins a 3 day/3 night (all expenses paid) battle that we’ll never get to see because this flashback is rushed faster than a 12-year-old posting on Twitter after witnessing a schoolyard fight. Apparently, no one dies, so they have a gift exchange and WHY AM I DOING A BEAT BY BEAT SYNOPSIS? Let’s get to the good stuff!

Blackbeard. It’s noted he never seems to sleep (No wonder he’s an asshole). What the heck is up with this guy and his body? I don’t even know where to begin. I’m stumped, y’all. I got nothing, no idea what he is.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Brains VS Booty [My Hero Vigilantes 68]

So much for my theory that Mokoto was proposing Koichi and her become business partners. Rather, she’s proposing a romantic relationship. Woo-wee! Is it getting hot in here or is it just my apartment on fire?

Naruhata’s famous booty? I thought that was Aizawa.

Thinking it over, I’ve got an issue with Ms. Mokoto. That being I don’t like her reasoning for wanting Koichi. Yeah, I’m sure she thinks he’s a nice guy and he did save her once, but she didn’t go with that. Her actual reasoning sounds a bit pragmatic, maybe even selfish. It’s not about how good a person Koichi is, it’s more about him being ordinary. Mokoto makes it sound like she wants stability, not necessarily Koichi. I know I’m being harsh because, again, I’m sure she likes Koichi. But, does she love him? Maybe, but I don’t think she’s in love with him if you get what I’m saying.


Basically, Pop Step loves Koichi for who he is. Makoto loves him for what he represents. There. You understand now?


Well, I’ll email you a love chart later.

Manga My Hero Academia

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Nomu [My Hero Academia 254]

Looking back, I guess Black Mist had to be a nomu. How could a living person eat with a smoky body? On the bright side, he’ll pass every No Nut November.

Yo! Behind you! The villains are right behind you!

Still haven’t read My Hero Vigilantes? Then this chapter may not have as much impact as it had on me and other readers of the spin-off. I warned you!

We get confirmation Black Mist is indeed a nomu with Shirakumo as the base body. And, we’re reminded it’s possible a nomu can retain at least some of the personality of that body, if not some memories themselves when it’s revealed Hood-chan the High-End nomu had a similar personality to it’s underground fighter base body. I’ll also add Horikoshi revealing in a volume during the Stain Arc that the flying nomu that picked up Deku was once his childhood friend. So, yeah, Hori’s been seeding that little plot point for a long time!

We get the answer as to why the timeline between My Hero Vigilantes and My Hero Academia seemed out of wack because of all the students Aizawa expelled. Turns out they were all allowed to re-enroll since Aizawa uses the ploy as a way to teach kids their student record doesn’t really matter in the end (It’s all about college exams and volunteer work, kiddies.). Oh, and it also gives them a “death” to further their growth. Basically, he lights a fire under their butts to get them motivated. Something he’s done several times already with the current Class 1-A.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Jailbait Blues [My Hero Vigilantes 67]

Seriously, Pop, just how old are you? Are you trying to get Koichi arrested?

Psst, Makoto. Your glasses are upside down.

We’re back in business focusing on the life of the main characters. Pop gets the spotlight as she’s trying to keep the Narufest performers on track. But, it’s too late, over the two years since Makoto left with Captain Celebrity to America, things have slowly gone downhill to the point their monthly performances will be canceled after one more show. But, hey, everyone else in the group has other stuff going on so it’s not too bad.

The problem is Pop Step doesn’t really have anything else happening and she won’t be hanging out with Koichi much because he’s getting a full-time job soon. Will she tell Koichi how she feels? Of course not! We need drama drama drama! Enter Mokoto.

Yep, Mokoto’s back in Japan and cooking for Koichi and Pop Step but we don’t know exactly why she’s back. Hm? The chapter ends with Pop Step eyeing Mokoto and Koichi touching each other but that could easily be a misdirection.

Manga One Piece

Oden Who? [One Piece 965]

Who cares about him? I’m loving all the stuff about the Whitebeard and Roger Pirates!

How to deal with unruly co-workers at the holiday party.

Let’s get into the meat of the chapter, Orochi Kurozumi’s rise to power. It was all due to an old woman I assume to be Orochi’s grandmother. It looks like she escaped Wano after Orochi’s grandfather got busted for murdering his fellow Daimyos all to take the Shogun title. What’s interesting to me is how someone from Wano not only learned all about devil fruits, but managed to get at least two, one for herself, and one, a mythical devil fruit, for Orochi. There’s definitely more going on here, y’all. Maybe the Kurozumi Family had access to ancient knowledge just like the Kozuki Clan.

Using her Clone-Clone fruit (Yes, the same devil fruit used by Bentham AKA Bon Clay AKA Mr. 2 today.), the Old Lady hatched a plan to have Orochi work his way up the hierarchy as an assistant, all while amassing as much money as possible to build weapons to sell abroad. This is how he got Kaido on his side. Well, that and having him set up his base on Wano. It’s a win-win for both. And, with Sukiyaki Oden dead and Orochi running the country in Kozuki’s absence, he’s pretty much won the game. Killing Kozuki as punishment for leaving Wano when he returns is simply a formally now.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 045-000
A visual representation of Twitter.

Have you read Shattered Grid, the arc before this current one? No? Well, if you’re a Power Rangers fan you should check it out. Even though I wasn’t crazy about the ending, the ride itself was fun fun fun. Speaking of fun, I enjoyed this issue so much I wanted to talk about it and get the word out how good this series is.

Hm. Should I do a full recap of the comic series? Nah! Look, it’s based on the TV show but doesn’t follow it exactly. Think of it as a modern/alternate version of the first couple seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. With that said, this chapter takes place in the TV show’s equivalent of season 2. Rita’s out and Zedd’s in. Jason, Zack, and Trini are (not) off on a peace conference and they’ve been replaced by Aisha, Rocky, and Adam AKA the Stone Canyon Trio.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 045-006
Lord Zedd must be freezing without pants…or skin.

You know how Zordon is against escalating fights? Well, the Legendary Omega Rangers are fine with it, and they’re taking the fight right to Lord Zedd on the moon. Did I mention three of the four Omega Rangers are Jason, Zack, and Trini? Yep, that whole peace conference thing is a ruse. Now, they’re power rangers tasked with capturing threats due to the shattering of reality in…well, Shattered Grid.

Manga My Hero Academia

Shirakumo? Why’s That the Chapter Ti— Holy Crap! [My Hero Academia 253]

You know what’s really sad about this page? Some people still think My Hero Vigilantes isn’t canon.

What in the name of all things cherry-flavored happened? How? HOW!!! How in the world is Black Mist actually Oboro Shirakumo?

And 3 months until Shigaraki dusts Japan but, hey, I’m sure that won’t ruin your Mario Maker graduation party.

We’re jumping right into it, y’all. Black Mist is a Nomu. A sophisticated Nomu but still overall a puppet of the League of Villains. His quirk, Warp Gate, is an amalgamation of several quirks, including Shirakumo’s Cloud quirk. Not only that, Cloud is the base factor. What’s a base factor? I’m assuming it’s the main ingredient. It could even mean Black Mist’s body is Shirakumo’s!

Right off the bat, I’m gonna assume Black Mist has Shirakumo’s body. It’s more dramatic that way. My next issue is what the hell did Ujiko do? Shirakumo was dead. Very dead. See…


I’m sure the police and paramedics confirmed it. So, either Ujiko somehow revived him or that body under the sheet isn’t Shirakumo and AFO’s got some first responder goons working for him. Look, it’s not impossible. I’m sure AFO, being the vulture he is, would set up a way for him to give Ujiko access to any fallen heroes or heroes in training. But, for now, I’ll assume that the body is the real Loud Cloud. Or, a Loud Cloud. Ujiko does know how to create artificial humans (Read My Hero Vigilantes, you slobs!), after all. Maybe he put Shirakumo’s DNA in some pancake batter and created an artificial copy. For all we know, that could be how all the Number Series humans are created!

Manga My Hero Academia

Problems At Home? Just Build Another One. [My Hero Academia 252]

Hey, you can’t have family issues if you’re not living with your family, right?

Leave Endeavor alone! You can’t blame him. Fuyumi’s garlic bread is to die for.

And so, the day is saved thanks to the Powerpuff Boys. Ending has been captured by Shoto and Natsuo now forgives his father for all the pain he caused him, his siblings, and his mother. At least, that what a good chunk of fans thought would happen. *tsk* tsk* *tsk* When will you fans learn that Endeavor’s road to forgiveness is a long one. It’s happening bit by bit, y’all. There isn’t gonna be an instant fix to the Todoroki Family. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Okay, I may be wrong on this, but I think Endeavor’s reasoning for not saving Natsuo was him thinking Natsuo would feel obligated to forgive him if saved by Daddy Furnace. Anyway, Natsuo is already feeling bad about not forgiving his dad because it seems everyone else is trying to. Dude, just ask for money. Make Papa Flame buy your happiness. I mean, he’s already paying for you to go to college. I bet your lazy privileged butt never worked a day in your rich-kid life! Whoops! Sorry, I just got off work and maybe I’m being a teensy bit bitter. Sorry, Nat-Dog.

The Chauffeur thinks Endeavor is deliberately being targetted and I have to agree. Someone in the PLF wants Endeavor out of the picture. No doubt wanting Hawks to be the new Number One Hero. It’s probably Re-Destro. He’s a big-picture guy after all.

Manga One Piece

Amatsuki Robin [One Piece 964]


What was I thinking? Oh, I know. I was thinking Oda would go the extra mile designing what could possibly be the one character in the world other than select members of the World Government and what remains of Roger’s Crew who knows what went down during the Void Century. Oh well, instead say hello to Robin Clone #127.

This is the chapter where we learn how Oden ended up sailing with the Whitebeard Pirates. As an Official Card-Carrying Oden Hater (meetings every Tuesday and Friday), even I thought Whitebeard making him hold onto a chain behind the Moby Dick was cold. Anyway, Izo’s there and it’s great seeing him mad at his future daddy. We later learn Cat Viper and Dogstorm stowed away, predicting Oden would sneak aboard too. Good call, guys. Why is Kin’emon in charge again?

We meet Robin’s Ancestor who is saved from Captain Karma who I assume has a devil fruit or one of his parents is a fish person. It doesn’t matter, because Oden is ready to protect her and the Whitebeard Pirates show up too. McWhitey knows Oden failed his test in order to save Dr. Who so he’s letting him join anyway. Boo! No, no, I kid. This flashback’s much better with Whitebeard in it.