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Amatsuki Robin [One Piece 964]


What was I thinking? Oh, I know. I was thinking Oda would go the extra mile designing what could possibly be the one character in the world other than select members of the World Government and what remains of Roger’s Crew who knows what went down during the Void Century. Oh well, instead say hello to Robin Clone #127.

This is the chapter where we learn how Oden ended up sailing with the Whitebeard Pirates. As an Official Card-Carrying Oden Hater (meetings every Tuesday and Friday), even I thought Whitebeard making him hold onto a chain behind the Moby Dick was cold. Anyway, Izo’s there and it’s great seeing him mad at his future daddy. We later learn Cat Viper and Dogstorm stowed away, predicting Oden would sneak aboard too. Good call, guys. Why is Kin’emon in charge again?

We meet Robin’s Ancestor who is saved from Captain Karma who I assume has a devil fruit or one of his parents is a fish person. It doesn’t matter, because Oden is ready to protect her and the Whitebeard Pirates show up too. McWhitey knows Oden failed his test in order to save Dr. Who so he’s letting him join anyway. Boo! No, no, I kid. This flashback’s much better with Whitebeard in it.

Looks like Oda’s making his fever dreams canon again.

Shall we talk about Toki? Her being from 800 years in the past isn’t a huge shocker. Most fans predicted she came from around the time of the Void Century. The question now is why is she trying to get to Wano? Is there something there she needs to see? A poneglyph perhaps? And, if so, what information does she need to know? Hmm… It’s also implied she’s never been to Wano, so why is she dressed in a kimono? Is it simply a disguise? Double hmm… I gotta say, y’all. I hope all the decades of build-up of what happened during the Void Century is worth it.

Forget Whitebeard talking about the Rocks Crew, did they all just learn how to use chopsticks? I still haven’t figured it out!

A good chapter. Yep, I said it. I liked it. Sure, it was rushed but that’s just how it’s gonna be for the entire flashback. I’m at peace with it now. Naturally, the Whitebeard Pirates and Toki’s introduction made it good. And, now we’ll be seeing Oden and Roger together. I’m always down for more of the Gol. D. Not to mention, whether Whitebeard and Roger will have issues seeing each other again after the fall of the Rocks Pirates. Oh, who am I kidding? Whitebeard won’t give a crap about all that. He’s got his own crew now and is happy. I wouldn’t be surprised if ole Dubba Bee himself turned on Rocks at the very end! And, then he, Goldie, and Garp went out to KFC to celebrate. Or, at least Starbucks. Garp gets a 15% Navy discount on every order. Lucky bastard.

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2 replies on “Amatsuki Robin [One Piece 964]”

1. That was funny. This post was REALLY funny! Nice job!
2. Yeah; she does resemble Robin. But is that a BAD thing? I mean; it’s ROBIN!
3. Toki was born in the tail end of the void century. Which is still cool. I wonder how many times she had to jump to where she met Oden in the flashback. Or what other things the Time Time fruit can do.
4. In some way; I can see Whitebeard betraying the Rocks crew. They weren’t even really a “crew;” just a band of guys who sought out chaos. And then there was Whitebeard. But also, like he said to Shanks in regard to Blackbeard: “You can’t live in this world without a code of conduct. Killing your own crew member is the worst law you can break.” Similar to what Zoro said in regards to Usopp rejoining during Post-Enies Lobbie arc. Although in THAT case; Whitebeard wouldn’t want to rejoin. Still; “Code of Conduct.”

Thank you. Toki looking like Robin isn’t the worst thing but she’ll forever be a Robin Clone in my mind and less of an individual character.

Yeah, I’m really interested in learning what the Time Time fruit can and can’t do. We know she can only go forward but is there a limit? Can she only jump ahead 20 years? I’m sure Oda was very careful to outline the details.

And, I’m still not sure why Rocks is a thing at all. The only reason I can think of is the guy having knowledge of something ancient too like the Void Century, the Ancient Weapons, or Im the Secret King.

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