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Problems At Home? Just Build Another One. [My Hero Academia 252]

Hey, you can’t have family issues if you’re not living with your family, right?

Leave Endeavor alone! You can’t blame him. Fuyumi’s garlic bread is to die for.

And so, the day is saved thanks to the Powerpuff Boys. Ending has been captured by Shoto and Natsuo now forgives his father for all the pain he caused him, his siblings, and his mother. At least, that what a good chunk of fans thought would happen. *tsk* tsk* *tsk* When will you fans learn that Endeavor’s road to forgiveness is a long one. It’s happening bit by bit, y’all. There isn’t gonna be an instant fix to the Todoroki Family. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Okay, I may be wrong on this, but I think Endeavor’s reasoning for not saving Natsuo was him thinking Natsuo would feel obligated to forgive him if saved by Daddy Furnace. Anyway, Natsuo is already feeling bad about not forgiving his dad because it seems everyone else is trying to. Dude, just ask for money. Make Papa Flame buy your happiness. I mean, he’s already paying for you to go to college. I bet your lazy privileged butt never worked a day in your rich-kid life! Whoops! Sorry, I just got off work and maybe I’m being a teensy bit bitter. Sorry, Nat-Dog.

The Chauffeur thinks Endeavor is deliberately being targetted and I have to agree. Someone in the PLF wants Endeavor out of the picture. No doubt wanting Hawks to be the new Number One Hero. It’s probably Re-Destro. He’s a big-picture guy after all.

Natsuo’s Uber ride shows up to witness the drama.

Bit of a side note, but assuming the Paranormal Liberation Front really are the ones sending wackjobs after Endeavor, they must’ve cracked the trigger drug code and probably makes the quirk booster themselves. Uh-oh! Imagine Shigaraki and his commanders using trigger to attack the heroes. Things just keep getting worse and worse for the good guys.

We end the chapter with Endeavor deciding to build a new house for his family while he stays in their old home alone. Rich people problems. Oh, boo hoo hoo, you wealthy piece of…oops! I gotta stop doing that.

Place your bets now on what Bakugo’s hero name will be. I’m going with All Blast.

A nice chapter. The Natsuo and Endeavors conversation was great, as was Bakugo getting hugged by Endeavor too. Hm, I wonder where we’ll go from here? Will we check in with Hawks or maybe see what some other Class A students are doing during their work studies? Personally, I want to know what’s happening with Eri. Her horn’s back at full power and she’s gonna need training to control it, fast. That, or she’s gonna have to wear gloves for the rest of her life. Hey, if Micky Mouse can do it, so can she.


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2 replies on “Problems At Home? Just Build Another One. [My Hero Academia 252]”

Did you catch the part about Bakugo having a hero name picked out? But he’s waiting for Best Jeanist to hear it to let it be known. I saw one theory that it’s “Kacchan” as a symbolic gesture of acceptance for Izuku. I have no other clue what it could be other than that.
As far as Endeavor being targeted: YES. Fully believe it. And if they have trigger; that’ll make whatever Shigaraki is gonna do in 4 months all the more “special” we’ll say. I actually have an idea for what’s gonna happen that day.

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