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Shirakumo? Why’s That the Chapter Ti— Holy Crap! [My Hero Academia 253]

You know what’s really sad about this page? Some people still think My Hero Vigilantes isn’t canon.

What in the name of all things cherry-flavored happened? How? HOW!!! How in the world is Black Mist actually Oboro Shirakumo?

And 3 months until Shigaraki dusts Japan but, hey, I’m sure that won’t ruin your Mario Maker graduation party.

We’re jumping right into it, y’all. Black Mist is a Nomu. A sophisticated Nomu but still overall a puppet of the League of Villains. His quirk, Warp Gate, is an amalgamation of several quirks, including Shirakumo’s Cloud quirk. Not only that, Cloud is the base factor. What’s a base factor? I’m assuming it’s the main ingredient. It could even mean Black Mist’s body is Shirakumo’s!

Right off the bat, I’m gonna assume Black Mist has Shirakumo’s body. It’s more dramatic that way. My next issue is what the hell did Ujiko do? Shirakumo was dead. Very dead. See…


I’m sure the police and paramedics confirmed it. So, either Ujiko somehow revived him or that body under the sheet isn’t Shirakumo and AFO’s got some first responder goons working for him. Look, it’s not impossible. I’m sure AFO, being the vulture he is, would set up a way for him to give Ujiko access to any fallen heroes or heroes in training. But, for now, I’ll assume that the body is the real Loud Cloud. Or, a Loud Cloud. Ujiko does know how to create artificial humans (Read My Hero Vigilantes, you slobs!), after all. Maybe he put Shirakumo’s DNA in some pancake batter and created an artificial copy. For all we know, that could be how all the Number Series humans are created!

Shirakumo’s Black, could be a Number, and is almost always in a bar/club. He’s basically 50 Cent.

But, Black Mist is a Nomu, not an artificial human, right? Well, maybe he’s a little of both. That would explain why he’s different from any Nomu we’ve seen so far. I’d go so far to say Black Mist is the very first Nomu! And after seeing his success with Black Mist, Ujiko decided to keep going in that direction, but making sure his creations still obeyed him, hence the whole living puppet attribute all Nomus have. But, if Black Mist is a powerful Nomu with the ability to think, why did it take so long for Ujiko to get to the High Ends? Hmm… There’s something I’m missing here. Maybe Black Mist has a glaring flaw we just don’t know about yet.

Mina ships so hard she makes Naval Commanders jealous.

This was a good chapter. That Black Mist/Shirakumo reveal will have people talking for weeks, if not months. And, by the way, My Hero Fanatics. I know some of you are getting cocky because you had this theory for a long time. Look, as a theorist myself, I applaud you, but that doesn’t mean every other fan theory is true. So calm down, AFO is Deku’s Dad Fans. Your theory is still very unlikely in my book. And, you Ochaco is the Traitor Fans…just…just have a cookie and don’t get your hopes up, okay?

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2 replies on “Shirakumo? Why’s That the Chapter Ti— Holy Crap! [My Hero Academia 253]”

You know…..I kind of forgot about the Numbers. It’s been such a long time since I read those chapters. I’m glad I did at all, though. I’d be completely lost right now.
I definitely think Kurogiri is an artificial human over a Nomu. A clone a Shirakumo with All For One’s “personal touch” makes much more sense. I really like that way you explain things; it helps me come up with theories. Thank you!

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