Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 045-000
A visual representation of Twitter.

Have you read Shattered Grid, the arc before this current one? No? Well, if you’re a Power Rangers fan you should check it out. Even though I wasn’t crazy about the ending, the ride itself was fun fun fun. Speaking of fun, I enjoyed this issue so much I wanted to talk about it and get the word out how good this series is.

Hm. Should I do a full recap of the comic series? Nah! Look, it’s based on the TV show but doesn’t follow it exactly. Think of it as a modern/alternate version of the first couple seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. With that said, this chapter takes place in the TV show’s equivalent of season 2. Rita’s out and Zedd’s in. Jason, Zack, and Trini are (not) off on a peace conference and they’ve been replaced by Aisha, Rocky, and Adam AKA the Stone Canyon Trio.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 045-006
Lord Zedd must be freezing without pants…or skin.

You know how Zordon is against escalating fights? Well, the Legendary Omega Rangers are fine with it, and they’re taking the fight right to Lord Zedd on the moon. Did I mention three of the four Omega Rangers are Jason, Zack, and Trini? Yep, that whole peace conference thing is a ruse. Now, they’re power rangers tasked with capturing threats due to the shattering of reality in…well, Shattered Grid.

Anyway, Lord Zedd gets taken down, by a Zord. Yep, they escalated the crap outta Lord Zedd. Zordon’s a little peeved about it. See, he’s playing the long game, using Zedd to help pull the rangers together and learn to fight as this new team. And, with Big Z out the way, someone worse could take his place (The Machine Empire, Master Vile, Miley Cirus, etc.).

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 045-010
They’re taking that Mario Kart tournament way too seriously.

Goldar, Squatt, Baboo, and Finster escape the Omega Ranger, hiding in a gas station outside Angel Grove. Goldar managed to grab Lord Zedd’s now broken Z-Staff and plans for the four of them to take down the rangers themselves. Really, guys? Have fun getting punched in the neck.

Kiya, the fourth Omega Ranger who absolutely hates Tommy Oliver because, you know, a version of him was Lord Drakkon (the Shattered Grid big boss), decides the good White Ranger Tommy’s gotta go too. Hey, you can’t be too sure he won’t go evil too. Maybe he already is. Quick, someone check if he’s been #metoo’ed?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 045-019
Kiya betraying the Blue Emissary won’t stop him from updating his poetry blog.

We end the issue with Kiya releasing a couple baddies the Omega Rangers defeated from their dumpster prisons.

Great issue. Sure, it’s a shame Lord Zedd got taken out so quickly but he was punched by a Zord. I almost feel bad for him. So, Kiya’s our Big Bad this arc. I’m fine with that. But, I do wonder if the other rangers will find out what Jason, Zack, and Trini are up too. And, of course, eventually, Lord Zedd’s busting out his dumpster. Woo boy! He’s gonna be pissed. Again, if you love Power Rangers, give this comic series a chance. And, if you don’t like it, I give you a million dollaz. Guaranteed!*



*Note: Dollaz are imaginary currency not to be confused with U.S. Dollars.

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2 replies on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45”

Huh…..I looked through you posts but I never found any indication that you read Power Rangers comics. I’ve seen like 5 or 6 iterations(Samurai, Dino Thunder, Jungle Fury, Dino Charge, Mega force, and a few episodes of others here and there). It was fine when I was younger. Now………I don’t know. I go back to watch Dino Thunder every so often, but other than that I don’t really keep up.

I think it’s my first time talking about it. It’s a well-known franchise so I never bothered to mention it until now. I’d say give it a shot, at least the Shattered Grid arc if you still like the concept.

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