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Oden Who? [One Piece 965]

Who cares about him? I’m loving all the stuff about the Whitebeard and Roger Pirates!

How to deal with unruly co-workers at the holiday party.

Let’s get into the meat of the chapter, Orochi Kurozumi’s rise to power. It was all due to an old woman I assume to be Orochi’s grandmother. It looks like she escaped Wano after Orochi’s grandfather got busted for murdering his fellow Daimyos all to take the Shogun title. What’s interesting to me is how someone from Wano not only learned all about devil fruits, but managed to get at least two, one for herself, and one, a mythical devil fruit, for Orochi. There’s definitely more going on here, y’all. Maybe the Kurozumi Family had access to ancient knowledge just like the Kozuki Clan.

Using her Clone-Clone fruit (Yes, the same devil fruit used by Bentham AKA Bon Clay AKA Mr. 2 today.), the Old Lady hatched a plan to have Orochi work his way up the hierarchy as an assistant, all while amassing as much money as possible to build weapons to sell abroad. This is how he got Kaido on his side. Well, that and having him set up his base on Wano. It’s a win-win for both. And, with Sukiyaki Oden dead and Orochi running the country in Kozuki’s absence, he’s pretty much won the game. Killing Kozuki as punishment for leaving Wano when he returns is simply a formally now.

A little known fact: The Whitebeard Pirates’ love watching romantic comedies on movie night.

So, Robin—erm—Toki was running from something and decided to settle down in her parents’ home country of Wano. Ooooh! I wanna know what went down so bad during the Void Century! Anyway, we also see how Blackbeard first joined the Whitebeard Pirates, interesting. Guess I should mention Oden was the first 2nd Division Commander, blah blah blah.

We end the chapter with Whitebeard landing on the same island the Roger Pirates just finished fighting some Navy grunts on. Oh, baby! I can’t wait to see the conversations that happen between the two captains. And, blah blah blah, how Oden ends up traveling with Roger. Blah blah probably because Roger will take Oden and his family back to Wano, blah.

Teach, you faker! I know where you got that line from.

A fun chapter. We learned so much but we got more questions too. What is up with the Kurozumi Clan? What was Toki running from? And how drunk will Roger and Whitebeard get during the inter-crew party? All this and more next time on One Piece!

Wait? Is there a break next week? No? Okay, we’re good!

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