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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Nomu [My Hero Academia 254]

Looking back, I guess Black Mist had to be a nomu. How could a living person eat with a smoky body? On the bright side, he’ll pass every No Nut November.

Yo! Behind you! The villains are right behind you!

Still haven’t read My Hero Vigilantes? Then this chapter may not have as much impact as it had on me and other readers of the spin-off. I warned you!

We get confirmation Black Mist is indeed a nomu with Shirakumo as the base body. And, we’re reminded it’s possible a nomu can retain at least some of the personality of that body, if not some memories themselves when it’s revealed Hood-chan the High-End nomu had a similar personality to it’s underground fighter base body. I’ll also add Horikoshi revealing in a volume during the Stain Arc that the flying nomu that picked up Deku was once his childhood friend. So, yeah, Hori’s been seeding that little plot point for a long time!

We get the answer as to why the timeline between My Hero Vigilantes and My Hero Academia seemed out of wack because of all the students Aizawa expelled. Turns out they were all allowed to re-enroll since Aizawa uses the ploy as a way to teach kids their student record doesn’t really matter in the end (It’s all about college exams and volunteer work, kiddies.). Oh, and it also gives them a “death” to further their growth. Basically, he lights a fire under their butts to get them motivated. Something he’s done several times already with the current Class 1-A.

Yay! Non-generic looking background students!

Aizawa and Present Mic are charged with reigniting Shirakumo’s old memories, the chapter ending with Aizawa making a heartfelt plea to his long-dead friend to remember his past so they can achieve their dream of starting a hero agency together. Will Black Mist’s memories come back? Probably, but will it happen next chapter? Hm. I don’t think it’ll be that easy, but maybe we’ll see a little progress.

Because The Last Jedi didn’t follow J.J. Abrams’ outline and now The Rise of Skywalker has to fix its mistakes along with trying to pull off a satisfying ending to not only the recent trilogy but all nine main movies as a whole. Duh!

An emotional chapter, especially if you read My Hero Vigilantes. We still don’t know why Ujiko doesn’t make every Nomu as intelligent as Shirokumo or if he even can. Speaking of the bad doctor, I doubt he’s not monitoring Black Mist in some way, either through from his computer or having a spy in Tartarus Prison. Black Mist joining the good guys? It’s not gonna be that easy, y’all. Shirakumo probably knows things no one but All For One and Ujiko know, including who the traitor is! Once Ujiko learns what’s going on, if he’s not protected, Black Mist is getting dusted. Or, at least vacuumed up and tossed in the ocean. I bet Ujiko’s got one of those Dyson vacuum cleaners. Those things don’t mess around! Death by HEPA filter, a sad way to go indeed.

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2 replies on “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Nomu [My Hero Academia 254]”

Progress? Maybe. Next chapter, on screen? Probably not. Will Black Mist begin remembering when they walk away? Yeah; possibly. When will it be paid off? I can see the Tomura’s Birthday being the day he not only comes for One For All, but also sends some of his army(and possibly some Nomu) to break out the others in Tartarus. The “Ultimate Defeat” that would be complete if he ends up dusting All Might.

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