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Brains VS Booty [My Hero Vigilantes 68]

So much for my theory that Mokoto was proposing Koichi and her become business partners. Rather, she’s proposing a romantic relationship. Woo-wee! Is it getting hot in here or is it just my apartment on fire?

Naruhata’s famous booty? I thought that was Aizawa.

Thinking it over, I’ve got an issue with Ms. Mokoto. That being I don’t like her reasoning for wanting Koichi. Yeah, I’m sure she thinks he’s a nice guy and he did save her once, but she didn’t go with that. Her actual reasoning sounds a bit pragmatic, maybe even selfish. It’s not about how good a person Koichi is, it’s more about him being ordinary. Mokoto makes it sound like she wants stability, not necessarily Koichi. I know I’m being harsh because, again, I’m sure she likes Koichi. But, does she love him? Maybe, but I don’t think she’s in love with him if you get what I’m saying.


Basically, Pop Step loves Koichi for who he is. Makoto loves him for what he represents. There. You understand now?


Well, I’ll email you a love chart later.

Hm… Could Pop Step be the lead singer of Deep Dope in the main series?

Pop avoids talking to Koichi about their relationship but realizes she needs to buck up and tell him her true feelings. There’s no going back now. She either tells him or loses him to Mokoto. Like she said, Koichi’s a blockhead when it comes to love. Pop needs to be as direct with him as Mokoto was. But all she’s got is her little singing career. What’s she gonna do against a put-together woman like Mokoto? Easy, become a legit idol. Well, I say it’s easy but now’s the time for Pop to go all in to become a solo artist sensation! That way she can accomplish her musical dreams and…that’s it. It’s not like Koichi will fall in love with her if she’s a big-time singer. He likes her for her, not for what she represents. Does that sound familiar? See what I did there?


*sigh* Just nod so we can move on, okay?

Oh, and I guess you’re a nice guy or whatever. Also, I took the liberty of looking into your credit history. Hope you don’t mind.

This was a nice chapter. Although misguided, Pop now has a fire lit under her butt to tell Koichi how she feels as well as become the next Adele or Gwen Stefani if she goes the band route. Let’s just hope she doesn’t go full-on Amy Winehouse. Better tell Koichi to hide the beer just in case.

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2 replies on “Brains VS Booty [My Hero Vigilantes 68]”

Mokoto is looking for the stable and predictable. Koichi fits that. But how’s she going to feel when she hears he’s retiring?
Pop has a bright future, and Koichi…….just has a future(I hope). I can see him being the “stay at home dad” in either case; I don’t think anything bad will happen to Mokoto in the future.

Interesting about whether Mokoto knows Koichi is retiring as the Crawler. I’d like to say he did tell her at some point but I don’t think it matters to her either way.

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