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Goldbeard [One Piece 966]

That’s right. It’s all about Roger and Whitebeard. Oden’s just along for the ride. Forget the backseat, put him in the trunk.

Was it ever stated if Roger owns a legendary sword? Hm, maybe he just went to Walmart.

With the obligatory Oden hate out of the way, let’s talk about the chapter. We see Oden get shut down by Captain Roger before Whitebeard sashays into the fray. He and Roger clash which begins a 3 day/3 night (all expenses paid) battle that we’ll never get to see because this flashback is rushed faster than a 12-year-old posting on Twitter after witnessing a schoolyard fight. Apparently, no one dies, so they have a gift exchange and WHY AM I DOING A BEAT BY BEAT SYNOPSIS? Let’s get to the good stuff!

Blackbeard. It’s noted he never seems to sleep (No wonder he’s an asshole). What the heck is up with this guy and his body? I don’t even know where to begin. I’m stumped, y’all. I got nothing, no idea what he is.

I’ve never more agreed with a One Piece panel. *gulp* *glup* Mmm, yes. This Haterade is delicious.

Lodestar Island. Did we know the name of the last island before Raftel already? Anyway, Roger somehow figures out he needs all 4 Red Ponegliffs and someone who can read that ancient language to get to the last island and find the treasure. From what I understand, the Roger Pirates circled the Grandline 13 years ago without traveling to Raftel, so this is indeed Roger’s final voyage where he finds One Piece.

Goldy needs Oden to translate the ponegliffs, Oden agrees because he wants to know what’s up with the Kozuki Clan’s involvement with the ancient lego blocks, so he and his family transfer to Roger’s crew for one year to learn what’s up with Raftel. Yay! More Roger Pirates!

And, that’s more or less it. Dogstorm and Cat Viper join Oden (Apparently, Izo likes Whitebeard now. Why? Too bad! Ain’t nobody got time for that!). We see when the Roger Pirates visited Sky Island and when he asked Oden to right that weird message. What was that, anyway? Was he basically saying “I got this.”?

You heard me, Pirate Cream. Wait! I mean king. Pirate King!

This was a good chapter. How can a chapter featuring Goldy and Whitey not be anything less, right? I’m interested in seeing how much Oda’s willing to reveal to the audience about Raftel and One Piece. Will we get to see Raftel? Not even gonna ask about One Piece because that’s not happening. But, yeah, since Oden knew so many big shots, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Red-haired Pirates joining the fight against Big Mom and Kaido on Wano along with any surviving Whitebeard Commanders. It’ll certainly give the good guys a fighting chance. Let’s just hope he doesn’t rush it like this flashback and end the whole battle in half a chapter. Nah, he’ll give it at least two. What a trooper!


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2 replies on “Goldbeard [One Piece 966]”

Yeah; DEFINITELY not seeing the One Piece just yet. But Raftel Island? A definite possibility. Incredibly likely in fact. We might see initial reactions, but that’s about all. And then we go back to Wano with Orochi running things, attacking Oden, and see Toki send the Red Scabbards forward. How long will this take? Who knows…….although; I have this theory the the reason he’s rushing through this flashback is because he doesn’t want to reveal too much. Speeding through the good stuff because it’s super spoiler-y.

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