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Joy Boy, the Dave Chappelle of One Piece [One Piece 967]

Wha? What the fuck is juice? I want some Bink’s Sake, baby.


Put down your suitcases because we got a lot to unpack here.

Let’s start with Roger and Oden being able to hear the voices of certain things or creatures. Could that be an ability all D’s once possessed? And, if it’s true, does that make the Kozuki Clan descendants of D?

Man, Big Mom had that Road Ponegliff for a loooong time. No surprise Oda didn’t reveal where the last one is, but a lot of fans are guessing Elbaf. Makes sense, a land of giants would be a great place to get the last Road Ponegliff, and the island itself has been hyped for years.

We got confirmation Buggy and Shanks never reached Raftel. Or, should I say Laugh Tale. Not sure about Buggy, but I’m guessing Shanks was later told everything that happened on the final island. Him having that knowledge would be the only reason why he’d be allowed to speak with the 5 Elder Stars in my modest and adorable opinion.

Should I talk about Oden abandoning his home? Or, the whole reason Wano became a 95% wasteland was because of him? Should I mention how Toki should’ve let Oden and the freaking ROGER PIRATES spend at least one day bashing Orochi’s head in and appointing Kin’emon the new Temp Shogun and then set sail?


Dude, it’s just M&Ms. They all taste the same.

Spoilers! Roger and his crew make it to Laugh Tale where they learn everything, but we already knew that thanks to Rayleigh back in the Sabaody Arc. How could they not? I think it’s pretty clear Laugh Tale is the home of the ancient civilization that was wiped out, the original home of the D’s.

“Vast treasure.” What could that treasure be? I’m not sure, but I don’t think it’s gold or jewels. I’d say it’s either something crazy or really really stupid. I’ll tell you one thing, I can’t wait for Luffy to see it and react in the exact same way as Roger. Him and the entire Strawhat Crew.

Damn it, Franky! You could’ve met the Roger Pirates and kicked Oden in the junk. *sigh*


What an amazing chapter! This is some serious payoff for fans who’ve been enjoying the series for years. Traveling with Roger, learning more about him and his crew and what really went down without diving too deep so not to spoil when the Strawhats do the same. It was a great ride!

But, now Roger’s time in the flashback is nearing its end. Hopefully, we’ll get at least one more chapter with him before it’s back to Wano to finish the flashback. I’m really not looking forward to it, y’all. I’ll grant you I wasn’t annoyed with Oden these last few chapters but that’s because he wasn’t the focus. Oh well, whatever happens, I thank you, Oden, for giving us more Whitebeard and Roger.

Now go die in a ditch so we can get back to the present.

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4 replies on “Joy Boy, the Dave Chappelle of One Piece [One Piece 967]”

Man, you’re posts are funny! I always have a big old smile when I read them. I also like to think that Roger added his own personal fortune to the One Piece(whatever it may be). We don’t know where the Oro Jackson was, either. So it may still be there. I don’t think it was destroyed. I don’t even think it’s been mentioned where the h#ll it is.
Shanks was told everything……..possibly. Although Rayleigh did tell Robin that it’s something she has to “see for herself.” Something the World Government did that was “objectively” bad that you would need to make up your own mind about. Shanks might know something, but I don’t think he has the full story. As for why he was able to visit the Gorosei(Elder Stars); it was probably a threat: “I’m going to meet with you. Whether I’m allowed to come or have to force my way in is up to you.” Because Shanks is a bad@$$ like that.

Thank you!
I love the idea of Roger leaving his treasure on Laugh Tale (he’s gonna die soon anyway).
As for whether Shanks knows or not, I’m sticking with him knowing. Roger basically told Whitebeard everything before he died and I think, at some point, Rayleigh had a similar talk with Shanks. As badass Shanks is, even he couldn’t force the Elder Stars to listen to him with threats. They’ve got access to too many powerful people to fear him.

True……now you got me thinking of Shanks vs Akainu. Could the world even handle that? Probably not.
As far as Roger’s talk with Whitebeard; it sounded like Whitebeard had no interest in the One Piece or world’s history. I believe he only cared about what the D meant. But it’s been so long since I saw that flashback sequence; I could be wrong.
And you could be right; Rayleigh probably gave Shanks the abridged version of what they saw so he isn’t too spoiled in case he goes there one day. And if Shanks only got the abridged version; Buggy DEFINITELY doesn’t know anything.

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