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R.I.P. Final Fantasy Protags [My Hero Vigilantes 70]


♪ You’re a mean one, No. 6. ♪

Welp, we were right. Narufest’s manager is indeed Rokuro Nomura AKA No. 6. So, what does this mean? Well, first off, the final Narufest is gonna be insane. After what happened at the Sky Egg, there no telling what No. 6 will do this time. He’ll know exactly who’ll be there and have full-access to anywhere in the area. It’s gonna get ugly, y’all. And, this time All Might may not be around to save the day!

According to Caleb Cook, Roku means 6, Nomura contains the word Nomu, and Rockin’ Dude means he’s a dickhead.

There’s also the problem of having a sociopath as your music producer. Poor Pop Step, she’s walking right into Nomura’s awaiting arms. Raise the Damsel-in-Distress flag. Shouldn’t be long before Nomura’s got Pop tied up in an abandoned warehouse as bait to lure in Koichi.

Ah, yes, Koichi. This chapter confirms you can indeed obtain a hero’s license without going into the hero business. You just won’t get in trouble if you use your quirk helping people. That’s a juicy bit of info. This means our Koichi can get a hero’s license and still have a full-time job doing something else. Yep, despite Koichi dismissing the idea, I hope in the end he does get his hero license and officially becomes Naruhata’s part-time local hero.

This is heartbreaking. …Why does she still have an iPhone 10? Damn it, Pop! Step your game up!

A good chapter. We got the villain reveal who’s in the perfect position to reap all Hell and mushrooms on Pop, Koichi, and Naruhata in general. Remember kiddies, Koichi doesn’t even know No. 6 exists! Nomura’s holding all the cards at this point and that bastard is gonna use each one to destroy everything Koichi holds dear. Yeah…would be really nice if you showed up Knuckleduster. Just sayin’

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2 replies on “R.I.P. Final Fantasy Protags [My Hero Vigilantes 70]”

You called it man; congratulations! I like how humble you were about it, too. If it were me; I wouldn’t have been that way.
I was surprised it was confirmed after you made the theory JUST last chapter. It would usually take like 4 or 5 chapters before a big theory is confirmed. Lucky!
I hope we see more people with heroes licenses that aren’t heroes in the main story. It’s such a small thing, but it’s valuable information. And it might be more something my style if I were in this Universe.

Thank you!

I’m really hoping Koichi gets a license at the end of the series. Just so he can do his hero thing part-time without threat of getting arrested.

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