Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Public Enemy [My Hero Vigilantes 74]

Pop is labeled a villain and Koichi is also a suspect. All according to No. 6’s plan?

Oh! We now know the official definition of Villain in the My Hero Universe. Next chapter, we learn the true meaning of Twerking.

Could this be what No. 6 was after all along? Not just killing Koichi, but being billed as a hero for doing it? Let’s face it, the guy’s obsessed with being the next O’Clock and what better way to surpass the original than taking down, not only a bombing suspect but one who was originally Knuckleduster’s protege! It’s the perfect plan and has just the right amount of assholery that’s right up No. 6’s alley.

Really, Detective Tsukauchi? You’re gonna mark Pop Step as a villain when she’s done nothing but good for years? And, did you ever think how a teenager with a leaping quirk got her hands on enough bombs to destroy part of a city?! AND, she somehow got her hands on technology that hijacks wireless signals and broadcasts them through nearby electronic devices and speaker systems. Come the eff on, dude. You gotta know something more is happening here. Thank goodness at least Makoto still has Pop’s back.

Manga One Piece

Kin’emon’s War on Social Media [One Piece 975]

First, he called out Raki (Or, was it Gal Gadot?) for singing Imagine with her CP9 friends on their visual Den Den Mushi. Then, he crapped on Kalifa (Or, maybe it was Madonna?) for her weird bubble bath Instagram video. Now, it’s Kanjuro’s turn to face his wrath.

It’s Lola! But, where’s Chiffon? She owes me money!

Making sure Kanjuro’s tweets were wrong, Kin’emon lied about what Lord Yasuie’s Tik Tok message really meant, the petty bastard. Well, it all worked out in the end because Lord Orochi’s orders via Facebook (Only the vilest humans use Facebook, after all.) were inaccurate and did nothing to stop the gathering of the Akazaya Samurai’s 5400 allies, all with the help of Google Hangouts, but don’t tell Kin’emon!

Manga My Hero Academia

My Little Villain: Friendship is Brutal [My Hero Academia 265]

We got confirmation Tokoyami can control Dark Shadow in the dark. Them and Kaminari. Hm, looks like everyone’s leveled up during the time skip. Time to step up, Sugarman! I wanna see you spouting Maya Angelou quotes while punching people in the face!

This is what happens when you mistakenly build your legs out of aluminum instead of vibranium.

Calm down, Re-Destro fans! He’s not “weak”, he simply lost because one of his legs broke. The bigger question is if he can still fight? If not, then the Paranormal Liberation Front has lost one of their two greatest physical powerhouses at Gunga Villa. The other being Gigantomachia who’s watching Animal Crossing Twitch streamers on his phone. Looks like he’s not to be bothered even with the mansion above collapsing. Fat Gum reveals he won’t budge unless he’s got to use the bathroom or Shigaraki orders him to attack. And, let me tell ya, that guy can hold his bladder for days!

Manga My Hero Academia

Twice the Heartbreak [My Hero Academia 264]

Chapter Music Recommendation 

Hawks hesitated to strike Twice with his feathers. Yet, he supposedly killed his colleague Best Jeanist. Riiiiight.

Uh oh, someone forgot to take their hemp gummies this morning.

If that doesn’t convince you Best Jeanist is still alive, nothing will. Anyway, we’ve got a betrayed Twice in the front and an angry Dabi in the rear. Hawks has got himself smack in the middle of a beautiful I’m Screwed Sandwich. Extra spicy, of course.

My heart goes out to Twice. Here he is ass up alone in a room with Hawks, probably thinking some kinky fun’s about to go down, and then the number two hero drops the bomb that he’s been lying the whole time. So, now Twice has a broken heart and blue balls. Hawks, you jerk!

I really have to give props to Dabi for not only being smart enough to know Hawks betrayed to Paranormal Liberation Front, but not blaming Twice for it. You know what they say: Bros Before Birds.

Manga One Piece

The Man From K.U.R.O.Z.U.M.I. [One Piece 974]

Chapter Music Recommendation 

Ugh… I got a headache.

I had this weird dream I wasn’t loving One Piece. There…was this guy…  And…I don’t know. But, for some strange reason, I get the feeling I shouldn’t remember and should never speak of it again.

I can’t imagine how much these two spend on hair gel.

We’re back in the present, y’all!

And, oh no! Kanjuro (a Kurozumi, no less) was the traitor all along! At first, I thought it was Kiku. Thinking about it, it makes sense it was him. His devil fruit would allow him to send messages to Orochi pretty easily. Gold stars to everyone who figured it out before reading this chapter. Maybe I could’ve done so, but I was distracted with… Ode… No, no, no. I better not think about it. Hm, why is there a hole in my wall shaped like my head?

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Cardi Bee [My Hero Vigilantes 73]

The game has changed, in more ways than one.

Queen Pop Step makes her debut performance (sponsored by Def Jam Records) by blowing up the neighborhood. From what I can tell from Pop’s attitude, she’s very similar to how Tamao Oguro acted while she was possessed by the Queen Bee. Meaning, her memories are all there but her personality is totally corrupted, willing to commit acts of violence and other misdeeds without a hint of remorse.

And, to make matters worse, Queen Pop is using the trigger drug, amplifying her Leap quirk and allowing her to easily outmaneuver Koichi and escape.

Well, if discrediting Koichi and Pop Step was one of No. 6’s goals he just accomplished it! Queen Pop blew that city area up reaaaal good. No way will the police ignore that. I’m expecting Detective Tsukauchi to make his return to the series in the near future.

Manga My Hero Academia

Predictions: Gunga Villa/Hospital Arc [My Hero Academia]


Since it’s still early in this current arc, I thought it’d be nice to try to predict what will happen. Besides, my ego demands I post my theories to the world in the event I’m right about at least one. So, in no particular order, I think the following will happen this arc:

1. U.A. Traitor Reveal

I’m starting strong, y’all. Yes, that’s right. I predict one of the biggest mysteries will be revealed this arc. Or, maybe it’ll happen in a future arc if the traitor has to kidnap Eri. Hmm… No, no! I’m not gonna overthink it. I say it’s happening this arc and I’m sticking to my guns!

2. Gigantomachia Fights City Evacuation Squad (Team Deku)

This was a tough one for me because on the surface I’d make sense for Giganto to fight the heroes attacking Gunga Villa because, well, he’s probably already there. But, let’s not forget Giganto is Shigaraki’s bodyguard. Once he learns Shiggy’s in danger, he’ll rush to his aid. This fight is also a way to let Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki mix it up with a baddie. And, it’s not like Horikoshi will put those three on the sidelines the entire arc. Nope, they’ll have to fight someone and I say that someone will be Gigantomachia. Now, whether or not U.A. wins is a different story.

3. Confirmation Chargebolt is Part of the Meta Liberation Army.

You’ve heard this one before. I have a theory Kaminari’s family has been part of the Meta Liberation Army all his life. It also explains why no hero has named dropped them nor the Paranormal Liberation Front. This theory also includes the guy with the Amplivolt quirk is a relative of Kaminari’s. Father, uncle, cousin, whoever he is he’s probably a Kaminari.

4. Hawks Backstory

It’s a long time coming. We know a bit but there’s a lot more Horikoshi can tell us. For instance, how tough was his training? Were the Hero Safety Commission just trying to cultivate a great hero or a tool for them to control? And, is Hawks desire for a peaceful life where heroes don’t have to do anything code for him trying to free himself from the HSC’s grasp? Plus, there’s the whole thing with whether or not he killed Best Jeanist, which I’m sure he was either forced to or hidden the fact he didn’t really kill him from his superiors. Either way, I wanna know what went down!

Manga One Piece

I’m Not Mad… [One Piece 973]

Oden is really O-Dead. But, O-da just can’t stop not O-mitting him. O-Damn it!

This is why they hate each other? I’ve seen better reasons to fight at preschool playgrounds.

That was a nice scene with the Roger Pirates floating down from Sky Island, even if I had to see him again.

Anyone else feels like we’re missing pieces of this chapter? For example, we barely got any of Kaido’s Generals/Lead Performers/Assistant Producers. Oh, well, what can I say. The whole burning of Kozuki Castle, just like most of this flashback, was rushed.

Manga My Hero Academia

Electric Mayhem [My Hero Academia 263]

♫It’s time to play the music
It’s time to light the lights
It’s time to meet the Chargebolt on the Chargebolt Show tonight♫

Is this Pro Hero Majestic? Or, did some hippie searching for forest-grown cannabis wonder into the fray?

It’s on, like Donkey Kong.

The Gunga Villa battle is underway with Kaminari as the focus character. Hmm… We got to see our dear Chargebolt looking cool while feeding the Kaminari x Jiro shippers a big ole plate of coupling. Yes, indeed, the shippers ate well tonight. Savor it, y’all, because I can feel Kaminari’s secret dropping anytime now. Oh? Did you forget the kids still don’t know exactly who they’re fighting? Not once has any Hero mentioned the Paranormal Liberation Front by name. Yeaaah… Kaminari’s Family relationship with the Liberation Army is coming. Your OTP is about to hit one hell of an iceberg.

What a minute?! Shouldn’t Kaminari go into Stupid Mode™ after tanking an attack like that? Did he figure out a way to prevent overcharging himself? Oooh! I certainly hope that’s the case. …Hm, what am I forgetting?

Manga My Hero Academia

Mirko Minaj [My Hero Academia 262]

The Nicki Minaj of knockouts. The MC Lyte of legs. The Lauryn Hill of head scissors. I’m proud to talk about the Queen Latifah of hip-hop heroes herself, Mirko!

Mirko lets grandma order at the restaurant before her.

Mirko almost took down ALL FOUR High-Ends. Let that sink in a minute. And, yes, I know they aren’t Hood-level but damn, that’s amazing!

But, now that we know Ujiko is trapped inside his lair, it now comes down to awakening Shigaraki. Can an injured Mirko finish off the last three Nomu before Shiggy finishes his Windows 10 update? No.

Come on, y’all. Did you really expect Ujiko AND Shigaraki to get captured? That’d be way too boring. That’s probably the reason why Horikoshi is turning our attention toward Gunga Mountain Villa. There’s not much else to see at the lab except for watching Mirko fight. If Horikoshi stays at Gunga without regularly checking in on the lab, I almost guarantee Shigaraki will be over 90% charged when he finally does.