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Mirko Minaj [My Hero Academia 262]

The Nicki Minaj of knockouts. The MC Lyte of legs. The Lauryn Hill of head scissors. I’m proud to talk about the Queen Latifah of hip-hop heroes herself, Mirko!

Mirko lets grandma order at the restaurant before her.

Mirko almost took down ALL FOUR High-Ends. Let that sink in a minute. And, yes, I know they aren’t Hood-level but damn, that’s amazing!

But, now that we know Ujiko is trapped inside his lair, it now comes down to awakening Shigaraki. Can an injured Mirko finish off the last three Nomu before Shiggy finishes his Windows 10 update? No.

Come on, y’all. Did you really expect Ujiko AND Shigaraki to get captured? That’d be way too boring. That’s probably the reason why Horikoshi is turning our attention toward Gunga Mountain Villa. There’s not much else to see at the lab except for watching Mirko fight. If Horikoshi stays at Gunga without regularly checking in on the lab, I almost guarantee Shigaraki will be over 90% charged when he finally does.

Hey! I’ve been clean for years! No, wait. You said clack, not crack. Oops!

Here’s a question (for 25 mammoth bucks): If High-Ends take on the personality of their host body, as stated in the chapter, why does Black Mist have a different personality from Shirakumo? …Trick question! Black Mist isn’t a High-End. Regular Nomu are programmed. What makes Black Mist unique is he was programmed to be Shigaraki’s attendant.

That was the warm-up. Now, for 100 mammoth bucks, will Mirko die? My answer: No. But, she’s gonna end up in bad shape. She kinda already is, what with her hand warped off. Sorry, but I’m afraid something even worse will happen to Mirko, she’ll have to…team up with another hero! EEK!

Yeah. Mirko fighting side-by-side with a hero is coming. It’s basically a Chekhov’s gun Horikoshi has to fire at some point.

I thought your name was Black Widow, not Copy Cat.

I loved this chapter. We got to see the #5 hero in all her glory, learn it’s only a matter of time before Shigaraki awakens before this arc ends, and watch Skeptic freak out.

Alright, time to calculate all the points… Hm, it looks like you lost the game dear reader. Too bad. As a consolation, I’ll take all that mammoth money for myself and buy a jet or something. No need to thank me. It was my pleasure serving you.

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