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Electric Mayhem [My Hero Academia 263]

♫It’s time to play the music
It’s time to light the lights
It’s time to meet the Chargebolt on the Chargebolt Show tonight♫

Is this Pro Hero Majestic? Or, did some hippie searching for forest-grown cannabis wonder into the fray?

It’s on, like Donkey Kong.

The Gunga Villa battle is underway with Kaminari as the focus character. Hmm… We got to see our dear Chargebolt looking cool while feeding the Kaminari x Jiro shippers a big ole plate of coupling. Yes, indeed, the shippers ate well tonight. Savor it, y’all, because I can feel Kaminari’s secret dropping anytime now. Oh? Did you forget the kids still don’t know exactly who they’re fighting? Not once has any Hero mentioned the Paranormal Liberation Front by name. Yeaaah… Kaminari’s Family relationship with the Liberation Army is coming. Your OTP is about to hit one hell of an iceberg.

What a minute?! Shouldn’t Kaminari go into Stupid Mode™ after tanking an attack like that? Did he figure out a way to prevent overcharging himself? Oooh! I certainly hope that’s the case. …Hm, what am I forgetting?

Skeptic taking the coronavirus threat very seriously.

So, if they needed Kaminari on the frontlines for his quirk, does that mean Tokoyami’s there for the same reason? Does that mean he’s overcome his weakness too and can fully control Dark Shadow in darkness? If so, seeing the results of the students’ training/work-study this way is much better than wasting time giving each one a training arc. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Dabi. Dabi. Dabi. Where the hell are you going? The bathroom? You shoulda went before the meeting, damn it! No, no. Many of us fans are guessing Dabi’s going after Hawks. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out if the heroes are attacking it’s probably because Hawks gave up their location. Now, a Dabi VS Hawks is exciting enough under normal circumstances, but it looks like most of Hawks’ feathers are gone. Hmm… Has Hawks been taking out as many PLFs as possible before reaching Twice? If so, this weaker Hawks is gonna have a hard time stopping Dabi, as well as escaping Gunga Villa since flying away may no longer be an option.

I guess that’s everything. Feels like I forgot something…

Face down ass up! That’s the way Hawks like to…fight!

This was a good chapter. Got some nice screentime with Kaminari before his Liberation ties are revealed with a tease we could be focusing on Hawks next. Is Hawks under orders to kill Twice? I wouldn’t be surprised. *sniff* *sniff* Oh, my. Is that a Hawks flashback I smell? Wait, no. That’s my chicken wings burning in the oven! Damn it! I knew I forgot something!

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2 replies on “Electric Mayhem [My Hero Academia 263]”

I kind of hoped Hawk would kill Twice. But I saw the spoilers, so I guess I’ll have to be kept waiting for that. As for Kaminari’s role in the chapter; I enjoyed it. Even those 2 things were enough for me!

I don’t read spoilers so I can’t comment on that. But, as for Kaminari, I’m doubting he’ll do much more in the battle unless he’s teamed up with someone else so it’s nice to see him shine on his own.

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