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Predictions: Gunga Villa/Hospital Arc [My Hero Academia]


Since it’s still early in this current arc, I thought it’d be nice to try to predict what will happen. Besides, my ego demands I post my theories to the world in the event I’m right about at least one. So, in no particular order, I think the following will happen this arc:

1. U.A. Traitor Reveal

I’m starting strong, y’all. Yes, that’s right. I predict one of the biggest mysteries will be revealed this arc. Or, maybe it’ll happen in a future arc if the traitor has to kidnap Eri. Hmm… No, no! I’m not gonna overthink it. I say it’s happening this arc and I’m sticking to my guns!

2. Gigantomachia Fights City Evacuation Squad (Team Deku)

This was a tough one for me because on the surface I’d make sense for Giganto to fight the heroes attacking Gunga Villa because, well, he’s probably already there. But, let’s not forget Giganto is Shigaraki’s bodyguard. Once he learns Shiggy’s in danger, he’ll rush to his aid. This fight is also a way to let Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki mix it up with a baddie. And, it’s not like Horikoshi will put those three on the sidelines the entire arc. Nope, they’ll have to fight someone and I say that someone will be Gigantomachia. Now, whether or not U.A. wins is a different story.

3. Confirmation Chargebolt is Part of the Meta Liberation Army.

You’ve heard this one before. I have a theory Kaminari’s family has been part of the Meta Liberation Army all his life. It also explains why no hero has named dropped them nor the Paranormal Liberation Front. This theory also includes the guy with the Amplivolt quirk is a relative of Kaminari’s. Father, uncle, cousin, whoever he is he’s probably a Kaminari.

4. Hawks Backstory

It’s a long time coming. We know a bit but there’s a lot more Horikoshi can tell us. For instance, how tough was his training? Were the Hero Safety Commission just trying to cultivate a great hero or a tool for them to control? And, is Hawks desire for a peaceful life where heroes don’t have to do anything code for him trying to free himself from the HSC’s grasp? Plus, there’s the whole thing with whether or not he killed Best Jeanist, which I’m sure he was either forced to or hidden the fact he didn’t really kill him from his superiors. Either way, I wanna know what went down!

4.5. Grape Juice is Frozen by Geten and the Ensuing Celebration Brings the Heroes and Villains Together.

5. One of the Quirk Containers Ujiko has is Eri’s.

Her quirk is necessary to make quirk erasure bullets. If Ujiko’s thinking that far ahead, I’m sure one of those containers holds a copy of her quirk. If not, well, someone’s getting kidnapped, again. Good thing Aizawa taught Eri how to kick dudes in the junk. No daughter of his is going out like some punk.

6. League of Villains: Support Items Upgrade

Spinner, Mr. Compress, and Toga will all have new and/or improved support items thanks to Giran. A new sword or armor for Spinner. New blood darts for Toga. A new cybernetic arm for Mr. Compress that does something cool. And, maybe, a cooling apparatus for Dabi? It would make him way more dangerous if he didn’t have to worry about overheating. But, would he choose to wear something like that? Hmm… I’m not sure, but I’ll add him just in case.

7. Quirk Erasure Bullets Are Used

There may not be many, but the Paranormal Liberation Front will have some to blast at heroes. Could Re-Destro’s company be working on them while Ujiko’s been attending to Shigaraki? If so, we’ll see them. If not, they’re off the table this arc. But, having them will be a total game-changer and automatically require the read guard heroes to step in and help out.

8. At Least One of the Top 10 Heroes are Killed or Depowered

This one’s a toss-up but I threw it in any way. Could it be Hawks? Maybe Crust or Mirko? I think at least one top 10 heroes will either die by Super Shigaraki’s hands or be depowered at Gunga Villa. Hmm… Maybe both! Someone’s got to make room for Majestic to crack to top 10, right?

8.5. Ms. Joke stops fighting mid-battle to dance atop some stairs.

And, there you have it. My predictions for the current arc. As much as I love making theories, I hope I’m not completely right about everything. My Hero Academia wouldn’t be nearly as much fun if I knew everything that will happen. But, I don’t have to worry about that. Horikoshi may love dropping hints to mysteries, but he’s not totally predictable. And, that’s why I love him. Well, that and he smells like applesauce. Mmm…applesauce.

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3 replies on “Predictions: Gunga Villa/Hospital Arc [My Hero Academia]”

1. Sh!t; I HOPE so! He can’t drag out this traitor subplot forever.
3. Possibly…….
4. Definitely. Especially where he got his goal of “making a world where heroes have too much free time.”
5. ……..I never thought of that. Those bullets do contain her blood, so it’s entirely possible. But can he really make a copy from a tiny blood bullet.
6. Definitely
7. If 5 is correct; absolutely
8. Lock Rock will be left quirkless, HAWKS WILL DIE, and maybe a few others will end up as both

Lock Rock? Ouch. What’s your reasoning behind that? As for Hawks dying, I think it depends on whether or not he actually killed Best Jeanist for his mission.

I see him losing his quirk because he was introduced the same arc as the quirk erasing bullets. He has a connection to them. And he could have died on that mission. That said; it could be just the think to get him out of the hero game and he’ll spend more time with his family. Plus; something tragic happening to someone we’ve known for a while. Cheap, but it kind of makes since.

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