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Cardi Bee [My Hero Vigilantes 73]

The game has changed, in more ways than one.

Queen Pop Step makes her debut performance (sponsored by Def Jam Records) by blowing up the neighborhood. From what I can tell from Pop’s attitude, she’s very similar to how Tamao Oguro acted while she was possessed by the Queen Bee. Meaning, her memories are all there but her personality is totally corrupted, willing to commit acts of violence and other misdeeds without a hint of remorse.

And, to make matters worse, Queen Pop is using the trigger drug, amplifying her Leap quirk and allowing her to easily outmaneuver Koichi and escape.

Well, if discrediting Koichi and Pop Step was one of No. 6’s goals he just accomplished it! Queen Pop blew that city area up reaaaal good. No way will the police ignore that. I’m expecting Detective Tsukauchi to make his return to the series in the near future.

Queen Pop’s Got You All In Check!

So, does that mean my dream of The Crawler becoming a legit hero is dashed? Maybe. Hard to tell at this point. If everything is explained properly to Tsukauchi (maybe with some help from Makoto), the vigilantes could be cleared of any and all wrongdoing. After that, who knows…

As expected, the long-awaited reunion between The Crawler and Knuckleduster is happening! Is KD back at 100% after his fight against No. 6 two years ago? I hope so. But, what Koichi needs more than his master’s fighting prowess is his knowledge of No. 6 and how to remove a Queen Bee from her host. The duo has two main goals:

  1. Freeing Pop from Queen Bee
  2. Stopping No. 6

Both tasks will be tough to accomplish. Are they up to it? Probably not. That’s not me being mean, I’m just saying it’ll take the combine efforts of Koichi, KD, and others like Mokoto, Pop’s fans, and the Narufest girls to save the day.

Don’t call him by his real name! When in costume he’s called The Cruller!

This was a good chapter. We know Queen Pop is out for blood and Knuckleduster’s arrival marks the beginning of Koichi finally learning about No. 6 and forming some sort of plan to shut the nefarious Number down, once and for all. And, if not, well, Queen Pop can go on the road with Snoop Dogg. They can call it the Buzz and Blunts Tour. Just remember to sit in the back rows. VIP seats are usually the first to blow.


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2 replies on “Cardi Bee [My Hero Vigilantes 73]”

Queen Pop had this line to Koichi: “So NOW you notice me?” Exposed some resentment on her part. I think that Queen Bee amplifies the negative aspects of your thoughts. Where as is was “What can I do to make him notice me?” to “Why hasn’t that idiot noticed me?! Oh well; f*ck him!”
I don’t think No 6 would allow Knuckle Duster to interfere. He might try to get Koichi alone. Which, depending on how you choose to look at it, is a good thing. He knows how to get Queen Bee out of there, but Koichi is left alone-with No 6 of all people! I mean; they gotta get that out of the way at some point, but I don’t believe he’s ready.
I for real thought Koichi was gonna start flying when Queen Pop knocked him out of the sky!

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