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The Man From K.U.R.O.Z.U.M.I. [One Piece 974]

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Ugh… I got a headache.

I had this weird dream I wasn’t loving One Piece. There…was this guy…  And…I don’t know. But, for some strange reason, I get the feeling I shouldn’t remember and should never speak of it again.

I can’t imagine how much these two spend on hair gel.

We’re back in the present, y’all!

And, oh no! Kanjuro (a Kurozumi, no less) was the traitor all along! At first, I thought it was Kiku. Thinking about it, it makes sense it was him. His devil fruit would allow him to send messages to Orochi pretty easily. Gold stars to everyone who figured it out before reading this chapter. Maybe I could’ve done so, but I was distracted with… Ode… No, no, no. I better not think about it. Hm, why is there a hole in my wall shaped like my head?

World’s most evil drag queen.

It feels so good for the series to get on with the attack on Onigashima. Looks like the plan is still underway, but was slightly changed to prevent leaks. Hm, I wonder if one of the Strawhats or Law figured out Kanjuro was the spy? I’m sure we’ll get a flashback next chapter explaining it all. Eek! It’s finally happening! Yes! Yes! YES! …Sorry, I’m just so happy. I haven’t been this excited for One Piece since… Em, anyway…

And Pokemon trainers in Speedos!

Great chapter. We saw Kyoshiro and Komurasaki’s “death” plan to deal with Stalker Orochi, saw the traitor reveal, and learned that the plan to take down Kaido is still in full effect. That last page with Luffy, Law, and Kidd was fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, Kaido AND Big Mom is gonna be a tough fight, and I expect a lot more allies popping up to help the good guys (Jinbe, Marco, Izo, Betty White, etc.).

Yep, this is the One Piece I remember. Not, that crap with Kozuki Oden. …Oden… No! I remember! ERUGH!!!!!! *CRASH*

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