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Kin’emon’s War on Social Media [One Piece 975]

First, he called out Raki (Or, was it Gal Gadot?) for singing Imagine with her CP9 friends on their visual Den Den Mushi. Then, he crapped on Kalifa (Or, maybe it was Madonna?) for her weird bubble bath Instagram video. Now, it’s Kanjuro’s turn to face his wrath.

It’s Lola! But, where’s Chiffon? She owes me money!

Making sure Kanjuro’s tweets were wrong, Kin’emon lied about what Lord Yasuie’s Tik Tok message really meant, the petty bastard. Well, it all worked out in the end because Lord Orochi’s orders via Facebook (Only the vilest humans use Facebook, after all.) were inaccurate and did nothing to stop the gathering of the Akazaya Samurai’s 5400 allies, all with the help of Google Hangouts, but don’t tell Kin’emon!

Is that…? Yes, it is. Luffy’s wearing a coat cape! Shit’s about to go down, y’all!

What’s there left to say? The Kaido/Big Mom merger is announced live on YouTube and Luffy, Law, and Kid are still blaming each other over Vine’s demise. Get over it already, guys!

Damn you, Oda for locking Franky’s nipples behind a paywall!

This was a good chapter! Everythings going according to plan, minus Momonosuke getting captured, but they all may end up getting screwed with the good guys having to defeat an Animal Kingdom/Big Mom alliance. I just hope Jinbe, Marco, Izo, and a bunch of other strong friends join the Strawhat’s Discord group and help out.


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