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My Little Villain: Friendship is Brutal [My Hero Academia 265]

We got confirmation Tokoyami can control Dark Shadow in the dark. Them and Kaminari. Hm, looks like everyone’s leveled up during the time skip. Time to step up, Sugarman! I wanna see you spouting Maya Angelou quotes while punching people in the face!

This is what happens when you mistakenly build your legs out of aluminum instead of vibranium.

Calm down, Re-Destro fans! He’s not “weak”, he simply lost because one of his legs broke. The bigger question is if he can still fight? If not, then the Paranormal Liberation Front has lost one of their two greatest physical powerhouses at Gunga Villa. The other being Gigantomachia who’s watching Animal Crossing Twitch streamers on his phone. Looks like he’s not to be bothered even with the mansion above collapsing. Fat Gum reveals he won’t budge unless he’s got to use the bathroom or Shigaraki orders him to attack. And, let me tell ya, that guy can hold his bladder for days!

Hawks reciting what he learned from watching Peppa Pig.

Speaking for bladder, let’s talk about Twice (Look, I needed a segue. Don’t judge.). Since Shigaraki’s still charging back in Ujiko’s lab, it’s up to Twice to clone the Shigmeister and start-up Giganto. Buuuuuut, is Twice too injured to do it? He got hurt pretty bad by Hawks and Dabi’s fire didn’t help either. Well, I’ll just assume the Giganto Card will be played near the end of this arc, allowing Team LoV the opportunity to escape.

What the hell was Hawks holding? A digital recorder? A secret communicator? A tracking device? And, if it’s one of the last two, who’s he trying to reach/track him? Endeavor? Or, maybe Best Jeanist? I mean, why not him? It would be the perfect time for him to reveal himself if not dead (And, he’s not!). AND, would coincide nicely with the Hawks flashback I think we’re getting next chapter or the one after that.


You’ll hear from my lawyer, little bird.

A great chapter, y’all! I don’t see Hawks dying quite yet if at all, but he and Endeavor could end up with similar injured faces. My guess is Hawks feathers may save him from becoming the main dish served with 11 herbs and spices if a hero doesn’t arrive. And, speaking of heroes (Shut up, I’m having an off segue day.), someone on a forum theorized LaBrava may eventually show up to stop Skeptic with her haxxor skills if he tries causing some satellite shenanigans, and I’m all for it! Hey, maybe Gentle will show up too and takedown Gigantomachia. What? You don’t think so? Hm, guess you’re right. Gentle should take down Super Shiggy instead.

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