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Public Enemy [My Hero Vigilantes 74]

Pop is labeled a villain and Koichi is also a suspect. All according to No. 6’s plan?

Oh! We now know the official definition of Villain in the My Hero Universe. Next chapter, we learn the true meaning of Twerking.

Could this be what No. 6 was after all along? Not just killing Koichi, but being billed as a hero for doing it? Let’s face it, the guy’s obsessed with being the next O’Clock and what better way to surpass the original than taking down, not only a bombing suspect but one who was originally Knuckleduster’s protege! It’s the perfect plan and has just the right amount of assholery that’s right up No. 6’s alley.

Really, Detective Tsukauchi? You’re gonna mark Pop Step as a villain when she’s done nothing but good for years? And, did you ever think how a teenager with a leaping quirk got her hands on enough bombs to destroy part of a city?! AND, she somehow got her hands on technology that hijacks wireless signals and broadcasts them through nearby electronic devices and speaker systems. Come the eff on, dude. You gotta know something more is happening here. Thank goodness at least Makoto still has Pop’s back.

Yeah! Just act really passive-aggressive like my siblings.

So much for secret identities! The police know exactly who Pop Step and The Crawler are. There’s no escape, y’all. Their only hope is Knuckleduster. But, is he even alive? Soga’s presumingly wearing his coat now and the ex-hero leaves a letter instead of seeing Koichi in person. Even KD wouldn’t do that! I hate to say it, but I think our pal Knuckleduster is either dead or comatose in a hospital. Whatever info Koichi needs to know about No. 6 and how KD lost his quirk will be revealed through the letter. So, yeah, Knuckleduster’s flashback is coming. Yay!

Soga. Dear sweet Soga. He’s really getting into the role of becoming the next Knuckleduster. No. 6 isn’t gonna like that one bit! I’m raising the death flag on him to half-mast. Watch yourself, buddy.

Soga tricks Koichi into beta reading his first novel.

This was a great chapter! Things are getting worse for our vigs but KD’s letter may put Koichi on the path of defeating No. 6 and clearing his and Pop’s names. I predict No. 6, in his hero persona, will go after Koichi, but what about legit heroes who know The Crawler’s a good guy such as Ingenium and Aizawa? Will they have his back? Or, will they cancel him like a bad Netflix series? You know, kiddies, it’s really interesting how far we could dive into what defines a villain and hero in this last arc.

As for me, I’m a total villain. Who do you think started the trend of unnecessarily stocking up on toilet paper? It was all me, baby. Mahahahaha!!!!!  

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2 replies on “Public Enemy [My Hero Vigilantes 74]”

First off; thanks for reminding me there was a chapter this week. I had totally forgotten getting ready for the end of “Steven Universe Future.”
Second; This chapters was pretty fre@kin’ electric! I think Knuckleduster meant for him to be a Vigilante the whole time. Heroes are restricted; a Vigilante can do what NEEDS to be done, if you know what I mean COUGH COUGH*Kill No 6*COUGH!
I think you were right about No 6’s intentions. He wants to beat Koichi-in the most @$$hole way conceivable. I personally believe that the series will end at chapter 100. A nice even number.

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