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Here Lies Shigaraki in Spandex [My Hero Academia 269]

The heroes have all reached the lab. The High-Ends are getting trashed. Ujiko is captured. Shigaraki is “dead”. All’s well that ends well.

♫When Crusty America throws his mighty shield♫

Yeah, right! We all know Shigaraki’s waking up. Probably through sheer willpower. Even at 75%, he’s the culmination of Ujiko and All For One’s dream. Hmm… What exactly does that mean? For Ujiko, I can see it as him making the ultimate being or body.

For All For One, it may have something to do with his quirk’s weakness. Yeah, weakness. Think about it, why did AFO have a new set of quirks during his fight with All Might at Kamino? Why is AFO so obsessed with One For All? There’s more going on here than we realize. Maybe the reason is even the great AFO can only hold a certain number of quirks and that their power takes a toll on his body. And, with quirks getting stronger and stronger (the Quirk Singularity Theory), AFO’s body, even kept young with some anti-aging quirk, can’t keep up. Add All Might trashing his body during their first battle and we have a situation where AFO needs a serious upgrade.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Let’s Get Physical [My Hero Vigilantes 76]

We have the motivation. We have the tools. Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re about to reach peak Koichi.

Marvel’s Defenders reboot. Coming this fall to Disney +.

Let’s be real here. Koichi’s already strong. If he took the Hero License Exam that day he’d pass with flying colors. He’s basically mastered ground speed and maneuverability. His Shooty-Go-Blam is strong too. Right now, it looks like his main issue is a lack of stamina while wallcrawling. And, with Soga and friends’ help, Koichi will improve even further.

Can you imagine? Well, we won’t have to in another month or two, but Koichi will be insanely strong, y’all! Speed, maneuverability, long-range offensive power, all of it taken to his highest potential. Look, after all this, Koichi still may not be able to beat No. 6 in a straight-up fight. But, he’ll sure as hell give him a run for his money.

Seeing Koichi’s abilities brought home for me that he’s really O’Clock’s successor and not Knuckleduster’s. Koichi is the hero underneath the vigilante. While Soga is the vigilante underneath the reformed thug. Soga is Knuckleduster’s true successor. He’s fully embraced it, which probably means KD can’t do it himself anymore. Yes, I keep bringing it up but I can’t ignore the clues: Knuckleduster is probably dead.

Manga My Hero Academia

Power Nap [My Hero Academia 268]

Shigaraki’s at 75%.

…Okay, you can leave now.

Twitter slams Present Mic for mansplaining to Woman

What’s left to say? This was a super straight forward chapter, y’all. Endeavor and friends came backing up Mirko who managed to break the glass barrier containing Shigaraki. He’ll wake up incomplete, which paired with Aizawa, will help (most of) the heroes survive the fight. But, let’s be real, it’s gonna get real nasty once Shiggy wakes up. I’m keeping Crust on death watch. All that’s left to seal the deal is him announcing out of nowhere he’s retiring next month.

Why’s Aizawa there? No, I’m talking from a meta-perspective, not in-story. Will his quirk allow most of them to escape to fight another day, or will it be revealed Shigaraki can easily counter Aizawa? I hope it’s the latter. Let’s take Aizawa’s Erasure quirk off the table right now, removing any hope of it saving the day.

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Jimbe’s Graduation Party: RSVP [One Piece 977]

Still waiting for my invitation, Luffy. Maybe I should check my spam folder again? Wait, does the Thousand Sunny have wifi? Do they even have a computer?! Damn it!

Kin’emon makes Luffy look like Sherlock Holmes.

So, Jimbe’s joining party is postponed due to war. Yep, the big battle has started and I, for one, is very…meh about it. Don’t get me wrong, once crap starts hitting the fan I’ll be whooping and fanboying it up as usual but I’m just drained from the flashback and build-up. In all honesty, I’m more than ready for the Wano Arc to end and seeing the Strawshats off on another adventure. Which, again, is weird because they have to take down TWO Emperors before the day is saved. The Me from 5 or 10 years ago would’ve lost my mind and the mere thought of something like this happening. Guess, I’m burned out on Wano.

At the end of the day, I don’t care about samurai or Wano, only the 3 pirate crews fighting alongside them. When did I get so negative? Better take another edible.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Let’s Get Dangerous [My Hero Vigilantes 75]

This is what I first thought My Hero Vigilantes would be. And, maybe it’s always been that but never noticed.

Either All For One’s showing off his Double Chin quirk or that’s Captain Celebrity in disguise.

I’m talking about breaking down what exactly is a hero and villain. I don’t think it’s a coincidence we got the official in-universe definition of a villain last chapter followed by Knuckleduster’s (someone who was once a hero) definition. Koichi will have to break more laws in order to save Pop Step. Does that make him a hero? Yes. Maybe not the official definition of a hero but a true hero no less.

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President of the Stain Fanclub [My Hero Academia 267]

Where the hell do I start? You know what? Let’s start by giving props to Tokoyami and Endeavor, the ultimate wingmen.

White hair and red eyes? Does that mean Mirko’s quirk is a mutation too? Her quirk description did say she could do everything a rabbit does, but better.

Horikoshi, now you’re just being a troll, blacking out Dabi’s reveal like that. We all know he’s Toya. Stop milking that cow and tell us, damn it! Screw you! If you won’t tell us who he is, Hawks will. Well, he may if he doesn’t die first. He could be getting the Sir Nighteye treatment, dying from his injuries. In fact, put me down for Hawks dying BUT his recorder having Dabi’s confession on it. Remember that? Yeah, it’s gonna come into play eventually.

Dabi fooled me, y’all. I really thought he was all in with the League of Villains. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he cares somewhat for the gang, but in the end, they’re a means to an end. That end being a world like what Stain envisions. That’s right, kiddies. Dabi’s still a Stain fanboy. What a reveal! I thought he simply dropped it, but no, Horikoshi was using it as Dabi’s motivation this whole damn time! Damn. Just…damn.

Manga One Piece

Blue Thicc of the Sea [One Piece 976]

Move over, Franky! There’s a new big guy in town! And, his name’s Jimbe. Wait, I thought it was Jinbe. Ah, whatever.

Oden… Why won’t you just DIE?!

That’s right, y’all. Jimbe, complete with his 438 million booty—erm—bounty is back. Robin’s got class. Nami’s got sass. Brook’s got jazz. Chopper’s got medical pads. Sanji smokes grass. Zoro’s got…um… My point is Jimbe’s got a big juicy ass, and he’s back!

Now, did he bring reinforcements? I hope so. You’re cool and all Jimbe, but a little more help would be nice too.

Manga My Hero Academia

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Twice [My Hero Academia 266]

Horikoshi. How could you kill him? How could you kill Twice’s doubles, you fiend! Wait, you thought I was talking about the real Twice? Ahahaha!

He’s not dead.

Relax. Dabi used hand sanitizer after slapping Twice.

*sigh* I’m been bouncing back and forth over whether Twice is dead since I first read this chapter days ago. Was his speech to Toga and Mr. Compress his dying words? Could Twice somehow survive and pull off a win for the Paranormal Liberation Army? Well…yes and no.

Hear me out. Hawks said it himself he’s very good at avoiding a person’s vitals when attacking if he wants. Check it out:


What is Hawks aiming for? Twice’s heart? Maybe, but I doubt it. His lung? Possible. Wherever Hawks is going for I’m thinking he went for a vital organ or something that would cause him to lose consciousness from it plus the damage he’s already received.

So, if I’m right, was it all a fake-out? Not really. Dead or not, Twice is down for the count, completing Hawks’ mission. All he has to do now is grab Twice and retreat. Twice may not be dead, be he won’t be doing much of anything for a long time.