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Sugar, Spice, and Everything Twice [My Hero Academia 266]

Horikoshi. How could you kill him? How could you kill Twice’s doubles, you fiend! Wait, you thought I was talking about the real Twice? Ahahaha!

He’s not dead.

Relax. Dabi used hand sanitizer after slapping Twice.

*sigh* I’m been bouncing back and forth over whether Twice is dead since I first read this chapter days ago. Was his speech to Toga and Mr. Compress his dying words? Could Twice somehow survive and pull off a win for the Paranormal Liberation Army? Well…yes and no.

Hear me out. Hawks said it himself he’s very good at avoiding a person’s vitals when attacking if he wants. Check it out:


What is Hawks aiming for? Twice’s heart? Maybe, but I doubt it. His lung? Possible. Wherever Hawks is going for I’m thinking he went for a vital organ or something that would cause him to lose consciousness from it plus the damage he’s already received.

So, if I’m right, was it all a fake-out? Not really. Dead or not, Twice is down for the count, completing Hawks’ mission. All he has to do now is grab Twice and retreat. Twice may not be dead, be he won’t be doing much of anything for a long time.

Could Giran be there to show off new support items the Commanders and Advisers will use? Or, is he just there for the free alcohol?

And, what about Dabi? He knows Hawks’ real name is Keigo Takami. Did Dabi commit the ultimate 4th wall break and read the newest My Hero Academia databook? I wish! No, he either got the information from another commander (Skeptic or Trumpet) OR he knew it all along. Of course, my personal theory is Dabi lost his memory, but maybe he remembers pieces of his past. I still stand by my theory Dabi doesn’t remember being a Todoroki.

I’ve heard theories Dabi (Toya) may have belonged to the same program Hawks was as a kid, being trained directly by the Hero Public Safety Commission. I mean, it’s possible. With Toya’s fire quirk, it would make sense Endeavor put him in that program. But, if that sort of program exists, why wasn’t Shoto apart of it too? Well, either Toya was never part of it or Endeavor, for some reason decided to teach Shoto himself.

And, what about this:


Could Ending be talking about Hawks’ father? Is that why he keeps his true identity hidden? Because having a hero with a criminal father would look bad in the eyes of the public? Hmm…

*sniff* *sniff* Is that burnt chicken I smell?

This was a hell of a chapter! One of the best chapters in the entire series! I just love the LoV and that moment with Twice and Dabi slapping hands made me so happy. Sure, Dabi would’ve burned Twice along with Hawks if he had the chance, but it’s out of love, y’all! He knew Twice was willing to die if he could take Hawks with him. It’s like me and Sword Art Online. Anyway, score one for the Heroes. Let’s see if they can keep it up.

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2 replies on “Sugar, Spice, and Everything Twice [My Hero Academia 266]”

The heroes are really starting to win right now. Mirko is tearing apart Ujiko’s lab, Twice is dead(we’ll assume), Re-Destro is down, and Machia isn’t moving. Things are going well……TOO WELL if you know what I mean.

Definately. But, it’s still early in the arc. No way is this arc gonna end with the Heroes getting a clean sweep. If anything, it goes to show just how deadly Super Shiggy will be if he and Giganto are the only huge threats in the near future.

But, I also won’t count out the erasure bullets.

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