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Blue Thicc of the Sea [One Piece 976]

Move over, Franky! There’s a new big guy in town! And, his name’s Jimbe. Wait, I thought it was Jinbe. Ah, whatever.

Oden… Why won’t you just DIE?!

That’s right, y’all. Jimbe, complete with his 438 million booty—erm—bounty is back. Robin’s got class. Nami’s got sass. Brook’s got jazz. Chopper’s got medical pads. Sanji smokes grass. Zoro’s got…um… My point is Jimbe’s got a big juicy ass, and he’s back!

Now, did he bring reinforcements? I hope so. You’re cool and all Jimbe, but a little more help would be nice too.

Jay-Z joins the Strawhat Crew

Kanjuro escaped with Momonosuke. Geez, Shinobu, why are you even here? What the hell are you gonna do on Onigashima? Tire out Kaido’s punches with your face?

Momo’s doing his best Princess Peach impression. But, hey, I’m just glad he’s the one needing saving and not a princess for the dozen time. Still, it’s gonna be a hard fight. Team Kaido’s got the numbers, the Numbers, the weapons, and the music. Oh, yes, friends. If you think the Lead Performers are tough, just wait until Scratchman Apoo drops his latest remix of The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights. Wait, is it Scratchman or Scratchmen Apoo? Ah, whatever.

Bad enough kidnapping a child and betraying your friends. Now, you’re ripping off Splatoon 2, bastard!

This was a good chapter simply for Jimbe’s return alone. Everything else was the icing on the Fish-man cake. Too bad Kin’emon wasn’t the tactical genius I thought he was, lucky bastard. Oh, well, luck is an important factor in war too. Wait, is it war or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? Ah, whatever.


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4 replies on “Blue Thicc of the Sea [One Piece 976]”

Jinbe’s return struck me as……a bit too “lucky,” even for people who just lucked themselves out of losing before the fighting even started. And he just looks so “regular;” like he DIDN’T just fight against a Yonko crew to save his former crew. It just feels a bit weird to me.
That said; I also loved the chapter.

I see it as the typical important character showing up at the perfect time. Not sure what you were expecting different about Jimbe. You mean a scar or something?

Yeah; something like that. Maybe not a lost limb but……maybe Oda finally showing a character with an eye patch? He said in an SBS that he’s saving the eye patch for “a certain character.”

Ooooh! I remember that too. I’m assuming he’s saving that for Luffy in the final chapter(s).

I love Jimbe, but whoever’s getting that eyepatch has to be insanely important to the story.

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