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President of the Stain Fanclub [My Hero Academia 267]

Where the hell do I start? You know what? Let’s start by giving props to Tokoyami and Endeavor, the ultimate wingmen.

White hair and red eyes? Does that mean Mirko’s quirk is a mutation too? Her quirk description did say she could do everything a rabbit does, but better.

Horikoshi, now you’re just being a troll, blacking out Dabi’s reveal like that. We all know he’s Toya. Stop milking that cow and tell us, damn it! Screw you! If you won’t tell us who he is, Hawks will. Well, he may if he doesn’t die first. He could be getting the Sir Nighteye treatment, dying from his injuries. In fact, put me down for Hawks dying BUT his recorder having Dabi’s confession on it. Remember that? Yeah, it’s gonna come into play eventually.

Dabi fooled me, y’all. I really thought he was all in with the League of Villains. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he cares somewhat for the gang, but in the end, they’re a means to an end. That end being a world like what Stain envisions. That’s right, kiddies. Dabi’s still a Stain fanboy. What a reveal! I thought he simply dropped it, but no, Horikoshi was using it as Dabi’s motivation this whole damn time! Damn. Just…damn.

Waiting desperately for a call. I’ve been there too, buddy.

So, what does this mean? Well, for one thing, I don’t think Dabi was ever seriously trying to recruit new members for the League of Villains. Sure, he played the part as much as necessary by killing criminals but was that all he was doing? Nah! Now, that we know he’s got his own thing going, I bet he was also doing something else. Perhaps recruiting his own team in secret? Hm…

And, what’s Dabi’s endgame? Stain wants to change society. Taking down criminals but also getting rid of heroes who don’t meet his extremely high expectations. How will Dabi accomplish that? Hm…he did say Twice had a role in it, so I’d say Dabi wants to destroy the current society similar to Shigaraki and the Meta Liberation Army. But, the thing is while Shiggy just wants destruction and the MLA wants unrestricted quirk usage, Dabi wants a new society without villains and useless heroes. That’s a lot of people he wants dead.

And, what about Stain himself? Is Dabi just gonna leave him in Tartarus? Probably not. Once he finds a way to do it, Stain will be out and about, and with Dabi on his side, they will be a powerful duo. Or, gang, if my theory Dabi’s been recruiting in secret is true.

If his butt’s burned does that mean he craps charcoal?

I guess my theory about Dabi losing his memory is like Hawks: Dying. Maybe he never revealed he’s Endeavor’s son so Papa Heatface and the heroes didn’t target him directly. In any case, I have to believe Dabi indeed knows who he is and why he’s following Stain (No more heroes like Daddy Domestic Abuse).

Since we’re on the subject of the Number One Hero, did Endeavor save Hawks at some point? From the way Child Hawks was talking that seems to be the case. Perhaps, Takami (the thief Ending was talking about) was not only a criminal but a shitty parent himself. Maybe by arresting Takami, Endeavor indirectly saved Hawks, his son, as well and that’s why Hawks admires Endeavor so much.

Finally, let’s shift gears to Jaku Hospital. I always believed Shigaraki would go after the One For All quirk to make himself invincible and it looks like it may happen. Whether Mirko destroys the tank or Shiggy does it himself, he won’t be at 100%. That just won’t do. Luckily for him, there’s a super powerful quirk that can be transferred to him without any need for a lab. And, all Shigaraki has to do is “convince” Deku to give it to him. Feel that Deku? That’s a huge ass target forming on your back. Don’t bother using soap. That’s locked there for the rest of the series, my friend.

I theorized at least one of Ujiko’s Numbers from My Hero Vigilantes would show up in the main series. Could Gigantomachia be one too?

My, oh my! That was a delicious chapter! I loved every damn panel. Just…just marry me, Horikoshi. Let me bask in your geeky radiance forever. I’ll even sign a prenup. If we get a divorce, I’ll only take 2 billion yen. That’s totally fair. Right, my love?

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