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Let’s Get Dangerous [My Hero Vigilantes 75]

This is what I first thought My Hero Vigilantes would be. And, maybe it’s always been that but never noticed.

Either All For One’s showing off his Double Chin quirk or that’s Captain Celebrity in disguise.

I’m talking about breaking down what exactly is a hero and villain. I don’t think it’s a coincidence we got the official in-universe definition of a villain last chapter followed by Knuckleduster’s (someone who was once a hero) definition. Koichi will have to break more laws in order to save Pop Step. Does that make him a hero? Yes. Maybe not the official definition of a hero but a true hero no less.

O’Clock fighting the Hulk right before his LASIK eye surgery.

And, then there’s No. 6 AKA Nomura. In society’s eyes, he’s a true hero because he obtained a hero’s license. Does that make him a hero? Yes. He’s an official hero. But, he’s not a true hero. He’s an absolute villain through and through. It’s this breakdown and observation of what defines good and bad, hero and villain, that leads me to believe No. 6, the hero, is destined to confront The Crawler, a villain. And, from that confrontation learn once and for all what it means to be a hero and villain.

Hm… Knuckleduster’s comment on Koichi needing to learn how to land from a fall could be a hint he’ll perfect the “flying” technique he used to save Mokoto way back in chapter 18.

And, I wanted more All For One VS O’Clock! Okay, I know it wasn’t so much a fight as a one-sided curb stomp from AFO. Oh, well, maybe No. 6’s flashback will be longer. You know it’s coming eventually, right?

I didn’t know Hawks had a younger brother.

This was a good chapter. I love diving into the essence of heroes, villains, and everything in-between. And, I love Soga helping Koichi instead of Knuckleduster, who may be dead. I’m worried about him, y’all. Even worse, I’m worried Soga will join him if that’s the case. Maybe he and Koichi should invest in getting some guns. Nothing fancy, just a couple of semi-automatics and maybe some hand grenades. Hey, they already plan on breaking the law. What’s another broken dozen or so gonna do?

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3 replies on “Let’s Get Dangerous [My Hero Vigilantes 75]”

I honestly found out there was a new chapter by accident. I was looking for new series in Shonen Jump to read, and found out a new chapter was out already. And what I read was AMAZING!!!
The All For One reveal had me shocked. Even more so that the flashback took place after All Might caved his face in. How much time do you think passed between him meeting O’Clock and getting his face turned into a 5 year old’s kneecap?

I thought All Might fought AFO about 5 years before the main series started, but…. *checking* that’s not confirmed.

Hm… I’d say anywhere from 5 to 10 years before the start of the main series.

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