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Jimbe’s Graduation Party: RSVP [One Piece 977]

Still waiting for my invitation, Luffy. Maybe I should check my spam folder again? Wait, does the Thousand Sunny have wifi? Do they even have a computer?! Damn it!

Kin’emon makes Luffy look like Sherlock Holmes.

So, Jimbe’s joining party is postponed due to war. Yep, the big battle has started and I, for one, is very…meh about it. Don’t get me wrong, once crap starts hitting the fan I’ll be whooping and fanboying it up as usual but I’m just drained from the flashback and build-up. In all honesty, I’m more than ready for the Wano Arc to end and seeing the Strawshats off on another adventure. Which, again, is weird because they have to take down TWO Emperors before the day is saved. The Me from 5 or 10 years ago would’ve lost my mind and the mere thought of something like this happening. Guess, I’m burned out on Wano.

At the end of the day, I don’t care about samurai or Wano, only the 3 pirate crews fighting alongside them. When did I get so negative? Better take another edible.

The other three people on a 4-person work team.

Points to Law for using the Strawhats and Kid’s straightforward personalities to everyone else’s advantage. Now, let’s talk about the plan in detail. Just kidding! We know the details of the good guys’ plan will fail but will still pull out a win. This ain’t our first time reading One Piece. Right, y’all? Expect more twists and turns from both sides before this war is over. Like, seriously, where’s Marco and Izo? Get your @sses over here!

Kaido’s son? Could he be talking about one of the Big Mom Pirates? Why wasn’t he mentioned until now? And, shouldn’t he be one of the Lead Performers? Or…could he captain his own pirate crew? And could he be an already established character? Hmm…

Lindsay Lohan’s already on her way.

This was a…decent chapter. I didn’t hate it. I rather liked it. But…I’m just not feeling it yet. Maybe some cool sailing skills from Jimbe will get me pumped. Yeah. YEAH! Hell yeah! I can’t wait for that! JIMBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…Woah. I think my edible’s kicking in. One Piece forever!


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