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Power Nap [My Hero Academia 268]

Shigaraki’s at 75%.

…Okay, you can leave now.

Twitter slams Present Mic for mansplaining to Woman

What’s left to say? This was a super straight forward chapter, y’all. Endeavor and friends came backing up Mirko who managed to break the glass barrier containing Shigaraki. He’ll wake up incomplete, which paired with Aizawa, will help (most of) the heroes survive the fight. But, let’s be real, it’s gonna get real nasty once Shiggy wakes up. I’m keeping Crust on death watch. All that’s left to seal the deal is him announcing out of nowhere he’s retiring next month.

Why’s Aizawa there? No, I’m talking from a meta-perspective, not in-story. Will his quirk allow most of them to escape to fight another day, or will it be revealed Shigaraki can easily counter Aizawa? I hope it’s the latter. Let’s take Aizawa’s Erasure quirk off the table right now, removing any hope of it saving the day.

Horikoshi tried to warn us about Poppy

…Why are you still here? That’s it! The only question now is how the hell will Shigaraki contact Gigantomachia? Hmm… We know Giganto can locate Shiggy from long distances. Maybe he’ll sense Shigaraki emerging from the tube and rush to his side. The problem is if he does that, the Paranormal Liberation Front is probably screwed. Not that it matters. Even if every villain at Gunga Villa is captured, Shiggy and Giggy will simply break them out of Tartarus, easy peasy.

I got a feeling those balls will be blue in the anime

This was an okay chapter. Just moving the plot along. Hopefully, Mirko won’t die and Aizawa and Present Mic are gonna go wild against Shiggy. It’s okay. It’s not like they’ll die. I mean…they can’t, right? At Aizawa won’t. But, I’m pretty sure Present Mic will survive…

That’s it! I’m done. Get out! I knew I should’ve ended it earlier. If Present Mic dies I’m blaming you. That’s right. YOU! Waaah!

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4 replies on “Power Nap [My Hero Academia 268]”

Maybe not Kaminari, but I definitely think a student will die. Just to hurt UA’s reputation more.
I always thought that UA would be closed down after one more big event. A student death might not be it, but it will be the LAST warning UA gets.

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