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Let’s Get Physical [My Hero Vigilantes 76]

We have the motivation. We have the tools. Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re about to reach peak Koichi.

Marvel’s Defenders reboot. Coming this fall to Disney +.

Let’s be real here. Koichi’s already strong. If he took the Hero License Exam that day he’d pass with flying colors. He’s basically mastered ground speed and maneuverability. His Shooty-Go-Blam is strong too. Right now, it looks like his main issue is a lack of stamina while wallcrawling. And, with Soga and friends’ help, Koichi will improve even further.

Can you imagine? Well, we won’t have to in another month or two, but Koichi will be insanely strong, y’all! Speed, maneuverability, long-range offensive power, all of it taken to his highest potential. Look, after all this, Koichi still may not be able to beat No. 6 in a straight-up fight. But, he’ll sure as hell give him a run for his money.

Seeing Koichi’s abilities brought home for me that he’s really O’Clock’s successor and not Knuckleduster’s. Koichi is the hero underneath the vigilante. While Soga is the vigilante underneath the reformed thug. Soga is Knuckleduster’s true successor. He’s fully embraced it, which probably means KD can’t do it himself anymore. Yes, I keep bringing it up but I can’t ignore the clues: Knuckleduster is probably dead.

Ya see, kids? This is how people got around without a GPS. It’s called a mop. Or, was it a map? I forgot.

I starting to really like Soga now. It’s a shame he may die at the hands of No. 6. BUT, if he does make it out of this mess alive, I can see him becoming a full-one vigilante. Keeping tabs on Naruhata after Koichi retires.

So, yeah, Koichi just needs to capture Queen Pop in mid-air before the heroes arrive. No problem. …Oh, I’m sorry. I meant ALL THE PROBLEMS. One is the evil speedster with a hero license who’ll make it on the scene in no time. And, the other is Koichi still not learning how to “fly”. But, that second issue I’m not too worried about. At this point, it’s safe to say The Crawler flying to save Pop will be his Plus Ultra moment. …And Soga trying to blast No. 6 with a shotgun will be his.

What? Somebody has to use it. And, it’s not like Koichi needs it when he has Shooty-Go-Blam.

Everyone’s a fan until Pop’s had too much broccoli.

This was a good chapter. With Soga’s help, an already strong Koichi with reach an even higher mastery of Slide and Glide and we’ll see just how insane a quirk it really is. Seriously Koichi, sign your butt up for the Hero License Exam. If Mineta can pass it, so can you.

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