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Here Lies Shigaraki in Spandex [My Hero Academia 269]

The heroes have all reached the lab. The High-Ends are getting trashed. Ujiko is captured. Shigaraki is “dead”. All’s well that ends well.

♫When Crusty America throws his mighty shield♫

Yeah, right! We all know Shigaraki’s waking up. Probably through sheer willpower. Even at 75%, he’s the culmination of Ujiko and All For One’s dream. Hmm… What exactly does that mean? For Ujiko, I can see it as him making the ultimate being or body.

For All For One, it may have something to do with his quirk’s weakness. Yeah, weakness. Think about it, why did AFO have a new set of quirks during his fight with All Might at Kamino? Why is AFO so obsessed with One For All? There’s more going on here than we realize. Maybe the reason is even the great AFO can only hold a certain number of quirks and that their power takes a toll on his body. And, with quirks getting stronger and stronger (the Quirk Singularity Theory), AFO’s body, even kept young with some anti-aging quirk, can’t keep up. Add All Might trashing his body during their first battle and we have a situation where AFO needs a serious upgrade.

Somewhere Scratchmen Apoo from One Piece is sobbing with happiness.

In comes Ujiko and everything he creates leading to Super Shigaraki. A powerful human, with the help of science, able to handle multiple quirks without any side effects. Once they know the process can be done, AFO does the procedure, get’s his body at 110% then goes after the current One For All user, satisfied the quirk is now strong enough to make him invincible. That’s quite the plan if my theory is true.

So, with the chapter showing All For One at the end, could we be getting a flashback to how he and Ujiko met? Maybe see them form their ultimate plan for young Tomura? I hope so. I want to see how everything went down from their perspective.

Mirko. Is she gonna die, y’all? Well, I don’t know. But, her hero career may be over. Her and Hawks. That’s two members of the Top 10 who may die soon. Three if you add Crust. I still got you on death watch, Mr. Crust!

No jokes. I just wanna highlight how American comic book-ish this page is. Beautiful!

This was an okay chapter. My favorite parts being Present Mic’s attack and the twist of Shigaraki being “dead”. I’m interested in seeing where that leads because it won’t be the Cemetary. Although… I wouldn’t mind seeing the League holding a funeral. Have Spinner and Dabi put on a suit for once. Toga drinks Shiggy’s blood, making it all weird while Mr. Compress hosts the event. But, instead of talking about Shigaraki, he performs a bunch of cheap magic tricks. All the while a naked Gigantomachia cries in the back row while Giran uploads it all online to promote his new gaming channel. Goodbye, Tomura Shigaraki. May you decay in peace.



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2 replies on “Here Lies Shigaraki in Spandex [My Hero Academia 269]”

I had never even considered that being the reason All For One wanted One For All. I thought it was something like “It’s the ONE quirk I could never steal;” I didn’t think he NEEDED it. Good Theory!
I more thought that All For One would try to take Shigaraki’s body. A younger, stronger, undamaged body that can handle a lot of quirks-without whatever negative side effect you were talking about.
Hawks dying: YES. But Mirko dying? That could go either way. And even if she doesn’t; I don’t think someone like HER would let “something as trivial as a lost arm” stop her from doing hero work. She might have to slow down(she WON’T, but might need to), but there’s no way she’d quite.

All For One taking Shigaraki’s body is possible too depending on if there’s a quirk for it. In fact, it’d be more dramatic that way, showing without a doubt AFO never cared about his student. He was a means to an end, like with the Sith from Star Wars.

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