Manga My Hero Academia

Zoom For All [My Hero Academia 270]

It was hinted All For One and One For All were connected on a metaphysical level but I never expected Nana to conference call Shigaraki before leaving Deku a voicemail warning. I wonder if she’s got Obi-Wan’s number?

Ujiko’s been waiting to give Shigaraki a break dancing quirk for years.

Since I already mentioned her, let’s start with Nana Shimura. If she was the one at the end of the chapter who warned Deku, it’s safe to say she was really in Shigaraki’s dream. Were the rest of the Shimura Family “real” too? Maybe. But, I bet the All For One we saw was the real deal too! We also got a low-key confirmation the hand Shigaraki kept on the back of his head was Nana’s. Geez, AFO! Can you not be an asshole for one damn minute?!

Manga One Piece

Strawhat Social Distancing [One Piece 979]

I care more about Pound being alive in the cover story than those Tobi Roppo meatheads.

Team Kaido celebrates winning the War on T-Shirts.

Y’all know the drill. The Strawhats have to separate for their individual or tag-team fights. The Monster Trio (Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji) naturally must each be on their own. The Weak Trio (Usopp, Chopper, and Nami) along with Shinobu and Carrot are traveling together. I really excited to see who they run into. Together, the Weak Trio is a force to be reckoned with.

Then, there’s Franky and Brook. Should be a fun battle or two for them. And, finally, there’s Jimbei and Robin, who I hope the latter gets to rumble against a baddie. Come on, Oda. Give Robin a good fight. It’s been ages!

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Don’t Kill Compass Kid [My Hero Vigilantes 77]

Where do I begin with this guy? For one thing, why Compass Kid? Did he never think to change it after getting older? Hm? Can you change your hero name? Midnight did make a big deal about picking a good name early on in the main series, after all.

Oh, damn… Quick! Someone get her a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Anyway, Compass Kid is also rockin’ a classic superhero costume, complete with a cape. AND, he’s talking about his family. AND he’s patrolling as part of the Naruhata Enhanced Vigilante Project on what could be his days off. Yep, he’s gonna die, y’all.

Speaking of family:

77CompassKid77Slidin' Go

Am I the only one here seeing a possible family resemblance? Hm…

Manga One Piece

CP9: Dinosaur Edition [One Piece 978]

Goodness, gracious! This battle is gonna take decades to finish!

Can’t afford Skrillex? Present Mic’s too busy? That’s when you call Scratchmen Apoo.

Holy crap in your butt, there’s a lot of baddies and goodies about to duke it out. I’ve passed feeling excited and am more worried now. Not counting the cannon fodder, the bad guys got the Tobi Roppo, Lead Performers, Ninjaoniwabanshu, and Big Mom’s kids. Do the Numbers count as fodder? Maybe Franky will wreak ’em with his robot or something. And, you can’t forget Big Mom, Kaido…and Kaido’s son? What’s that all about? And, who’s the mom? I heard it was one of the ladies from The Pussycat Dolls but who knows!