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CP9: Dinosaur Edition [One Piece 978]

Goodness, gracious! This battle is gonna take decades to finish!

Can’t afford Skrillex? Present Mic’s too busy? That’s when you call Scratchmen Apoo.

Holy crap in your butt, there’s a lot of baddies and goodies about to duke it out. I’ve passed feeling excited and am more worried now. Not counting the cannon fodder, the bad guys got the Tobi Roppo, Lead Performers, Ninjaoniwabanshu, and Big Mom’s kids. Do the Numbers count as fodder? Maybe Franky will wreak ’em with his robot or something. And, you can’t forget Big Mom, Kaido…and Kaido’s son? What’s that all about? And, who’s the mom? I heard it was one of the ladies from The Pussycat Dolls but who knows!

Stop acting cool, Kin’emon! We all know Onigashima has an airport.

Um…well… what else? Oh! We’re formally introduced to the Tobi Roppo. *YAWN!* Does anyone care? Page One got his butt kicked by Black Ranger Sanji, so yeah, they’re powerful but aren’t exactly intimidating. Instead of CP9, Maybe I should’ve compared them to God Eneru’s Priests? Sure, they look interesting, but in the end, they weren’t much of a threat. Well, at least they look to have real devil fruits. But, it says a lot when I’m more interested in what their zoan fruits are than learning about the actual characters. Next!

Queen continues to be my favorite of Kaido’s goons. He’s just a fun guy. Evil as a 13-year-old hacker from Alabama, but still fun.

The power to instantly wear tight leather? Sign me up!

This was a nice chapter. My highlight was Usopp putting those randos to sleep. GG Usopp! Other than that, the plot kept moving. Can’t complain about that. Too bad I can’t go to that evil party. It looks fun! I guess I can always go to another evil celebration. Hm? I wonder when the next Republican National Convention is?



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2 replies on “CP9: Dinosaur Edition [One Piece 978]”

I’m not that surprised. The OP Community would fall in love with the Thousand Sunny if it had big boobs and a short skirt..erm…sails. 😉

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